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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh No! My house is falling apart!

Poor Mommie and Daddie, I think their house is falling apart! Just a month ago, Mommie's photo frames came crashing down from the wall and broke our electic sockets. Last week, our kitchen door gave way and fell off. And yesterday, the padlock on our gate malfunctioned and Daddie was locked out of the house for 1 whole hour.

Thankfully, Indogal squeezed a book out of the gate so Daddie could keep himself entertained while waiting for the locksmith to come (hey, that's a new occupation i learnt!). Poor Daddie... he looked forlorn, like a homeless dog sitting outside the gate, while mommie was enjoying all the creature comforts in the house!

I really feel sorry for them to be living in a house what is falling apart. Well, if my folks don't mind, they can put up at my spanking new house while they get their's fixed. The only "problem" is, they can only move in after christmas coz my house is still in a box, wrapped up in fancy paper and tucked under the christmas tree. But if they'll like a "preview", this is how my house looks like. Seems pretty comfy to me. Can't wait to tear those wrapping paper apart!


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