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Monday, December 11, 2006

It's Mommie's Birthday

For mommie's birthday, Daddie brought us to a dining place where i got to see "snow". I asked for my snow clothes and mittens but they said it wasn't necessary. I finally understood why later.... the snow was actually made up of soapy foam "spat" out from some roaring machines. Although it was fun to have "snow" falling all around, daddie and mommie had a hard time trying to clean me up before we could eat our dinner in peace.

I would say that the experience was fun, but I'm sure i'll enjoy the real snowfall even more. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that when i visit China in March, I'll get to see real snow.

Look Daddie, i caught some "snow" on my hands.

Romantic setting for a cozy family of 3


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