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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me....

Yay! I'm officially 3 years old. Woohoo! You can call me a BIG girl now. Yesterday (30 Dec 2006) I had the greatest party of my life. It was made possible with the help of some people whom I wish to give a BIG BIG thank you to!! Hey guys, thank you for making my birthday such a blast!

  • My 20 little friends who came and shared this fun and memorable time with me. You guys and gals were the gems and sparkle of the party!

    1) Friends from Eton House - Maya, Kaede, Yi Shu, Yi Ting, Bruce, Lily
    2) Friends from Internet Forum - Joshua, Joel, Zoie
    3) Friends from Mommie and Daddie - Siang Ray, Daniel, Valerie, Emily, Kendra, Edyth
    4) Cousins - Daren, Mable, Isabelle, Michelle

  • Parents and grandparents of my little friends, who lent "logistical" support by ferrying your kids (aka my friends) to the party. Without your help, they would not be able to find their way to my party and there would have been no party to begin with. Thank you Uncles and Aunties!

  • Uncle Dabao who volunteered to help with photo-taking, capturing all the laughter and joy of me and my friends.

  • Fatty Gramps who filmed the party, recording all these precious moments for my keepsake forever. These are memories to last for a lifetime.

  • MacDonalds, KFC and eCreative for delivering the food and cake to us on time. After vigorous play, we sure needed the food to give us the extra boost of energy!

  • Ah Kong who made a special appearance to help out at the party, cheering for me and my little friends. Without a doubt, he was the No.1 Cheerleader aka Pom Pom "boy" of the night. 3 cheers to Ah Kong.. Hip hip Horray!

  • Grand Uncle Kiat and Grand Auntie Nana who came to help with clearing up after the party and transporting the presents. Without your help, we would have been really late for the second party at Tanah Merah.

  • To the parents again, who gamely took on the challenge of "snowfighting" with us. It was a game between Big Kids vs Little Ones. The game was a close one, but i think Little Ones won! Well, we always do, don't we? :)

  • The folks at JWT Kids' Gym, I had great fun and i'm sure my guests did too. Thank you for keeping us entertained throughout the party! The games were really FUN with a capital F-U-N! Special thanks to Shawn, who indeed lived up to the name of a Funner Trainer. Now my parents are convinced that i should go back to JWT for more gym lessons! YAY!

  • Finally to Mommie and Daddie, who planned and paid for this all for me, making my 3rd birthday an extra special one.

Click here for those great photo moments (more coming soon).


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