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Monday, January 15, 2007

Looking Back at 2006 and Forward to 2007

Notable Notes of 2006

1) May 2006 - Breaking the Sound Barrier

I realised that I've reach the limits of sign language and decided that it was time for me to start talking. Sure, the adults could understand all my signs but i reckoned that if i wanted more from them, i better open my mouth and ask! Besides, my poor folks were beginning to show signs of anxiety. For, unlike my other little friends who started to talk way before they turned 2 years old, i wasn't even making any efforts to call "mommie" or "daddie". Now, when i start talking, i find it difficult to stop.... hmm.... guess, i'm just making up for the lost time?

2) June 2006 - My Road to Independence

I started school at Eton House. It sure wasn't easy for me in the beginning. Not that i've got separation anxiety (i have no issues with daddie and mommie leaving me in school - no tears!), but rather making friends wasn't easy. Everyone in class are already in cliques and being the "new kid", it took them a long time to warm up to me. Thankfully, I have Miss Deena who is always there to help me bridge the gap with the other children. In a few months, I have assimilated into the class and have made friends with everyone. I'm sure Daddie and Mommie must be relieved!

3) September 2006 - A Night at KKH

I will never forget that September morning when i woke up feeling so limp and restless. I have had a terrible night puking my guts out and pooing waterfall! Ah Mak and Daddie didn't have it any better. I could see that their faces have turned green from worry. They rushed me to the hospital and the doctors said i had to stay there for a day or 2. Surprisingly, the time spent in the hospital wasn't that bad afterall. I had the attention of 2 very nice nurses whom i fondly call Barney and Dora. hehee.. They took me on a walk around the ward and played all sort of games with me. I guess we've kept one another entertained...working in the ward must have been quite boring for them.

4) October 2006 - Pumpkin Patch Day

Mommie and Daddie hosted a party for all my friends in school. They entertained us with spider crafts, pumpkin painting, balloon twistings and "trick or treat". It was a very memorable party with all my friends dressing up in fancy costumes. Ever since the party, my parents have become the class"celebrity" of sorts... whenever my classmates see my parents, they will cheer in excitement "Joey's Daddie, Joey's Mommie"! I hope my parents have more tricks up their sleeves coz I'm sure my friends will be expecting another great party in 2007!

5) December 2006 - Parties after Parties

We ended the year with a slew of parties. There was a party for me, party for the family, party for the friends and party for the sake of partying! At the end of all these parties, i was the biggest beneficiary of it all... I think i've received enough toys to last me for a year! Thanks to everyone who contributed to my toy collection :)

Looking Forward to 2007

I've started taking serious chinese lessons at Berries World and will be starting music lessons at Yamaha very soon. Wait! Before you think that my parents are forcing me into these activties, they are not.. I was the one who asked for music lessons because i want to learn to play the violin just like Quincy in Little Einstein.

I hear that my folks are planning to give me a little brother or sister.... so while i still have their undivided love and attention, i hope they will also squeeze in another holiday or two for me this year!


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