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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mad Hatters' Day

It's Mad Hatters' Day today and all of us in N2 were to come to school wearing fancy hats! I chose a straw hat which mommie bought for me sometime ago because i think it matches my uniform best. Daddie wore his cowboy hat while mommie was hatless! She didn't have a hat and can't fit into any of mine.

It was a fun day in school because we were all eager to see what hats our friends would be wearing. There was Kuhoo who came in a crazy pointy hat, Yoshiki wore a pilot's hat which his mom made for him and Kota who wore a cowboy's hat just like Daddie's. All said, here are some snapshots of N2's Mad Hatters' Day!

A Vietnamese Hat complete with traditional costume Yoshiki in his Pilot's hat. Mommie thought he looked like a Japanese Postman!

Kuhoo and her pointy hat.

Taka wore a simple orange hat

My friends with their fancy hats. Wait, That hat looks just like Willy Wonker's!


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