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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Watch out, Toddler on wheels!

I've been badgering Daddie for the longest time to get me a pair of skates and last tuesday, our quest for the perfect skates was finally accomplished!

Daddie found me a pair that are adjustable up to 6 years old, well made and look great on my tiny feet. YES! I'm now the proud owner of my very own K2 skates :). I fell in love with the skates the moment i saw them on the shelves. K2 is mommie's favourite brand for skates, too. Ever since she got acquainted with K2s about 5 years ago, she never skated in any other skates apart from K2s! Naturally, mommie was delighted when she found out that the pair of skates that we chose were K2s too!! That made everyone happy.

I'm now taking "private lessons" from daddie and hopefully, I'll be able to balance and skate on my own soon.

From this at 8mths old

To this at 3 years old


At 1:19 PM , Blogger Astro said...

Hi Joey,
where did you buy your skates from? Ryan is also looking for a pair and am thinking of getting him skates + saftey gear for his b'day.
Aunty Rachel


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