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Monday, August 10, 2009

Kia Ora PART 1 - Dunedin

We embarked on our 3rd holiday this year in July to the youngest country in the world - New Zealand.

Here are some highlights of my sight and taste holiday

Cadbury Chocolate World

I've been looking forward to this visit mainly because i've been dreaming of visiting a real chocolate factory after watching one episode on Jon and Kate plus 8, where they visited Hershey's chocolate world. The tour sure did not disappoint (except that i was hoping that they'll have a chocolate ride of sorts). At the entrance, we were greeted by a mountain of chocolate no less! There was also a chocolate discovery trail where i got to taste cocoa nuts - the main ingredient for making chocolates. It has a hint of chocolate but is nothing like the end product... the nut is..... bitter!

The tour brought us around a real working factory. We were given a plastic bag each to keep our chocolate treats. We were given so much chocolate, the plastic bags were bursting at the seams! How generous of willy wonker!


Speights Brewery Tour

This is a highlight for the solo male member of my family. We saw how beer was made and at the end of the tour, we were brought to a tasting room where the adults can indulge in limitless (YES! you read me right... LIMITLESS) servings of beer! For kiddos like me and jamie who for obvious reasons cannot enjoy that privilege, we were given cups of ice-cream and soda. Yum!!! How thoughtful!

The brewery has got a tap on the wall which dispenses mineral water to the public. Anyone can collect water from that tap. It's amazing and totally fun! So fun, we came back again the next day to fill our bottles before we set off to our next destination - Queenstown.