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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movenpick Resort and Spa

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A picture of the resort we call home for 8 days :)

Different strokes for different folks

We returned from Mauritius trip last week. You can view our photos here

For Joey, it must have been a great holiday. I can't say the same for me and dear hubby.

The hubs was telling our cousins all about mauritius - the not so good bits - and Joey immediately jumped to the country's defence

Wee Siong:"I'm not a sun, sand and surf person, so Mauritius wasn't fun for me"
Joey:"But, the the place has golden sandy beaches!"

Wee Siong:"The sea water was freaking cold!"
Joey:"But, it's crystal clear!"

So i conclude that the fault does not lie with the country... it's US... it's just a holiday destination that's not suited for us, but for those who loves to be sunkissed, Mauritius may just be the perfect holiday destination for you :)