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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Preparing for Halloween

We spent a fair bit of time on Saturday to prepare for my halloween party. We've got a big pumpkin for Daddie's pumpkin carving demonstration, black paper and white round stickers for making spiders and a pair of fairy wings to wear to school as part of my fancy dress costume. Granted, the photo on the left looked a tat bit dated... but I'm sure you'll get the idea how i'll probably look like on the actual day of the party.

Now, there are just a few more items to pick up and we'll have all the neccesaries for the party. In case my mommie forgets (she claims to suffer from dementia!), i better jot them down for her.

1) Dot art and glitters for decorating the spiders (To buy from Art friend at Bras Basah)
2) Candies for "trick or treat" from Candy Empire at Millenia Walk
3) 10 little pumkins for painting (Can get them at Cold Storage at Holland Village)
4) Homemade Fancy Cupcakes. (Ordered. Gotta collect them on Thursday night from Woodlands)
5) Some healthy snacks for tea (Possibly from our friendly neighbourhood fruits stalls and Carrefour)
6) Balloons for twisting, Brown paperbags and more construction paper if she wants to make puppet owls (From wholesalers at Concourse??)

Oh gosh.. sounds like we'll have to travel the whole island to get all these done! I hope we'll get them in time for the party on Friday morning! Uh oh... Seems like mission impossible to me...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

In Conversation with Joey Khor

In school, we've been learning about jobs and festivals. On festivals, Miss Deena taught us about Deepavali and we did many activties related to this Indian festival. We learnt to dance with the clay lamps which we painted ourselves and sway scarves to the rhytmn of Indian music. We also decorated the "kolam" with coloured rice

On the topic of jobs, Miss Deena created a fruit stall and we took turns to role play fruit seller and buyers. We also pretended to be sailors and rowed our boat across the ocean.

Back home, mommie decided to extend my learnings in school by talking to me about jobs and festivals.....

Mommie: Joey, Happy Deepavali!!
Me: But.... i don't celebrate deepavali...
Mommie: Oh, really?
Me: I celebrate Chinese New Year.

Mommie: Joey, in school you learnt about the things people do at work. So do you know what is Daddie's job?
Me: Hmm.... Truck Driver
Mommie: How about mommie? What is mommie's job?
Me: Hmm.... Bus Driver
Mommie: Then what about you?
Me: Hmm...... Toy Player!

I'm pretending to sell some fruits to Annisa

Raphael is the captain of the ship. We wave bye bye to Kaede after dropping her off at her port of call

Enjoying a "tai tai" lifestyle?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Art Attack and Project Pumpkin

When i wake up every morning, i'll look out of the window praying for clear skies. It has been weeks since the haze set in and i've been confined indoors. I guess Daddie and Mommie figured that i was bored so they asked Nikkolette over to play with me. We thought about what to do and decided that we'll do some finger painting and pumpkin carving.

Well, might as well because Daddie need to practice for the halloween party next week. He's going to demonstrate to my class, the art of pumpkin carving. Mommie's trying frantically to learn how to twist balloons to give out at the party. The end product is not pretty no doubt but if you use a little imagination, they do look somewhat like flowers and swords. Try harder mommie... you have 1 more week to practice for my Halloween Party.

Let's try finger painting Yucky hands!
Daddie carving the pumpkin Not bad for beginners

Daddie and his "project pumpkin"

Country Pumpkin?

Little feet and big foot!

Rainbow fingers.. it's yucky but really fun!

Mommie's balloon creations. The purple canary is done by fatty gramps

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Up, Up and Away!

We've got a surprise today. Fatty Gramps called to ask if we wanted to go on a hotair balloon ride. Apparently, a friend of her's had extra tickets and wouldn't mind giving them to us. Whoppee!! I'll love to go on that big balloon ride! I see that balloon everytime our car drives past the expressway but Daddie and Mommie have never "volunteered" to take me on a ride in it, so I'm certainly not giving up on such a nice offer.

When we arrived, i had a even bigger surprise. It was also a carnival with free pop corn, soft drinks, ice cream and balloon sculpturing. With great food, great fun (and take aways too) ... what a fantastic day it was!

Up close with the big balloon Balloon flower which comes with a little bumble bee too!

All aboard......

Preparing for lift off

Up, up and away

I'm not afraid.. unlike the lady behind daddie

The view straight down from above

Hazy Singapore.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Adding to the Haze with sparklers

Much of our time was spent at home during the mid autumn festival. We were suppose to take a walk in the park last friday after mommie's school but Daddie decided to cancel it because he complained that the haze was choking him. Naturally, i was disappointed. I was looking forward to take my lanterns for a walk.

Then came Saturday, Kendra and Edythe were invited to our house to play. Yay! I love their company. My big break came when Uncle Mike and Daddie decided to go to Uncle Philip's house to fix their knees and ankles after dinner. Once the coast was clear, we quickly grabbed our lanterns and sneaked downstairs to play despite the haze. I haven't been outdoor much since the haze set in, so i seized this opportunity to "conquer"the playground too.

We were "caught" when daddie and uncle mike came home sooner than expected. Thankfully, Daddie wasn't upset with me and even started chasing me around the playground!.... I guess he's resigned to the fact that "If you can't beat them, join them!"

The "Hazy" Trios

It's my first time playing with sparklers

Auntie Christabelle and Me, playing with lanterns on Sunday

I have 2 lanterns Laipo and Me

Adding to the haze?

Bye! I had a great time!
Daddie joining me in the haze Oh No! Daddie's stuck in the chute!