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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Holiday Quiz

During our KL trip, daddie and mommie wanted me to observe the environment and list out the differences between Singapore and Malaysia. So here are my answers:-

1) Malaysia has more trees than Singapore
2) Malaysia can make more paper than Singapore - see answer 1
3) The people in Malaysia can do more drawings because they have more paper - see answers 1 and 2
4) The roads are far longer than Singapore
5) The houses in Malaysia are bigger
6) Singapore is cleaner than Malaysia

Mommie didn't seem very pleased with my answers (esp no. 2 and 3). I think i have to more observant next time.

Our little escapade to KL

The last time we went on a road trip was more than 3 years ago (read more here). Last weekend, Daddie and Mommie decided to take a drive up KL to meet up with some of Daddie's friends for a BBQ. Thankfully, the journey was smooth and not at all dreadful - although we left Singapore really late because daddie left his bag in Mommie's car and had to go back to collect it.

The BBQ was a washout coz it was pouring in KL, but we were equally satisfied with the homecooked dinner. Whilst Daddie and Mommie were busy catching up with friends and their spouses, i kept myself occupied by playing with the other kids. I get along particularly well with Uncle SK's 2nd son, Robin. Guess, it's because we are closer in age and can therefore communicate better?

Thank you for hosting us, Uncle SK! I'm so looking forward to have you and your family visiting us in March!

A healthy snack to while the time away

The bumpy ride is like a lullaby

That me and my friend Robin. Check out the matching T-shirt!

Having a good time at the amusement centre

Nothing like a friendly competition

Do you think i was born yesterday?

This is a long overdue post, but i want to put this on record to "remind" my folks that I ain't no three year old kid anymore. Don't try and bluff me, ok! Heh Heh

It all started with buying popcorn
Joey : Daddie, can you buy me some popcorn?
Daddie: Joey, i don't have money
Joey : Don't worry, i have money in my strawberry shortcake wallet
Daddie: So, who puts money in your wallet?
Joey : You!
Daddie: If you use up the money, you won't be able to buy other things that you like anymore because Daddie will have no money to put in your wallet
Joey : It's ok, you can work harder and you will have money
Daddie: But, what if there's no business?
Joey : Then you look for business
Daddie: And what if, i really cannot find anymore business?
Joey: Ermm........... Then, you should SELL your office!

No More Milk
*early one morning before leaving for school*
Sati : Mdm, fridge no more joey milk
Mommie: Why didn't you tell me earlier?!

*mommie turns to me*
Mommie: Joey, I'm sorry, there's no more milk for you to bring to school. Can you go without milk just for today?
Joey : Don't worry. You can buy it from the petrol station. It's very near my school you know?

Recipe for Jelly Cake

Here's my recipe which I shared with my mommie last night

4 bananas - peel off the skin and slice it
3 big spoonful of Blueberry jam
7 scoops of sugar
10 scoops of flour
4 strawberries - take the leaves out

1) Toss everything in a big bowl
2) Mix, Mix, Mix
3) Set the oven to 15 degrees celsius
4) Bake for 4 hours

This imaginary Jelly Cake of mine is extra yummy! Why don't you try and tell me if you like it too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Family members?

Spotted at one of the Chinese New Year family gatherings... 2 freaky looking relatives i've not met before. heh heh..

Meet weirdo daddo and mambo mamma

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY Festivities

My Chinese New Year calendar of events:-

Tues (5 Feb) - Reunion Dinner with the Khor Family
Wed (6 Feb) - Reunion Dinner with the Chiang Family
Thurs (7 Feb) - Visitng the Khors and Chiangs
Fri (8 Feb) - We decided that we wanted some "us" time and spent the day shopping and relaxing at home
Sat (9 Feb) - Daddie's friends came by to visit.
Sun (10 Feb) - Mommie's friends came by to visit, followed by visit to my favourite cousins' place!

Next weekend, we will be heading north to KL to attend Uncle Say Kian's BBQ party at his house. It'll be our first trip out of Singapore in the year of the Rat.

First thing i did in the morning was to help mommie count money and pack them into the angpows

Reunion with the Khor Family

Ah Kong, Ah Ma and their two grand daughters

Reunion with the Chiang Family

Making Popiah.

Chicken Socks

We've heard of Chicken soup for the soul. But, have you ever come across Chicken Socks for kids? We found this series of chicken socks activity books at PageOne Bookstore and decided to get the handart one to try.

It turned out to be one of our best buys ever! This book is filled with simple activities teaching us kids to draw animals, dragons, aliens by tracing different positions of handprints. It's so addictive, i couldn't stop and wanted to just keep drawing and drawing! My parents are convinced that they should get me the rest of the chicken socks books in this series.

We also found out that PageOne is a treasure cove for kiddie storybooks in chinese. Guess what they saw??? Dora and Diego paperbacks in chinese! It's great value for money with 6 stories, 1 Dora VCD (in mandarin) for only $14.90!

Can't wait to go back to PageOne to dig for more treasures!

This book promises hours of fun!

Simple to follow instructions. No adults help needed.

Trying my hands at drawing the sea monsters

My artwork. Apart from drawing, i also learnt to spell.

Dora book set in chinese