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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gifts from Sati

Unlike Indogal who promised to send me coconuts but didn't, Sati, came home with a suitcase filled with them! Mummy was amazed that she managed to clear customs. Thank you Sati, for bringing back coconuts from your village and buying me the indonesian puppet!

Organic coconuts puppet from indonesia

Class of 2006 vs Class of 2007

Look how much my friends and I have grown!

Class of 2006 - N1 Beatles
(from top to bottom, left to right) Joey, Kristy, Miu, Yishu, Annisa, Miss Deena, Seina, Yugo, Joel, Maya, Jessica, Kaede)

Class of 2007 - N2 Pearls.
(from top to bottom, left to right) Mdm Kim, Miss Nisa, Miss Deena, Rapheal, Kota, Steven, Kristy, Annisa, Ernest, Maya, Yishu, Kaede, Kuhoo, Joey, Yoshiki)



Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boo! Here comes the Princess (updated!)

It's halloween time again! This is one of the funnest time of the year coz we get to dress up in fancy costumes and go around the school "trick a treat'ing". To make my halloween memorable, the whole family went into "battle ready" mode...

1) Daddie carved me me a jack-o-lantern to hold all the treats

2) Mommie bought me my princess costume, tiara and a purse

3) Sati altered my princess costume to make sure it fits me to a "T"

4) ME - Went ballistic at Candy Empire filling up bags with candies...candies.... and more candies!

Jack-O-Lantern carved with love from Daddie. He wasn't feeling well but still, he dragged himself out of bed and stayed up late just to carve it just for me. Thank you Daddie!! I love you!

P/S: Mommie has this "grand" idea of dressing me up as a SUPERSTAR for halloween next year. Daddie couldn't hold back his excitement and starting crooning "I am a superstar with a big big house and a big big car.... I am a superstar and i don't care who you are". Catch Toybox's Superstar MTV here.. it sure brings back fond memories of their dating days :) Enjoy!

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Activities, Activities, Activities

Whoever wanna "date" me should better book my time now coz my calendar from now till the end of the year is filling up really fast and furious!

Latest addition is the BB Prom (many thanks to Auntie Swee Char boh who got us the hotcakes - i mean the tickets)and my first full scale musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I saw them rehearsing at Jitterbugs the other day when i went for my hip hop class. Can't wait to see them "live" on stage (oh, and the flying car too!)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My first attempt at stenciling

After 2 weeks of badgering, i finally got my lazy mommie to bring out that stencil set for me to play with. I really can't understand the adults... why do they buy things and then try to hide it away from me?

Anyway, i tried my hands at stenciling today and it proved to be a whole lot of fun! I created artwork using sponge, brush, chalk, crayons and the good ole trusty coloured pencils. And to mommie's pleasant surprise.... NO MESS! Next week, i shall try to cajole her into bringing out that stamp art kit that she hid in the storeroom. Meanwhile, here are pictures of me stenciling away!

The first activity was to use coloured pencils to create a clown's face.

The end product. Not quite perfect but i guess it's ok for my 1st try.

Using paintbrush to create a garden scene. I love using the paintbrush most.

Sponge work. Making paw prints by sponging with stencils.

I've Got Mail

Look what the mailman delivered to my house today?
Yay!! My DVDs are finally here.... and with this, my Diego DVD collection is now COMPLETE!

East vs West

Yahoo! I'm making progress in the language department. Ever since i started attending classes at berries' world, I began enjoying Chinese a lot more. I find reading and writing chinese characters much easier than reading strings of alphabets. Here's a video of me practicing chinese at home. See, learning Chinese is easy and it's not a MONSTER afterall!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Finally, a garden dedicated to us - the little people. What i love about this garden is that everything is mini compact in size - from the cafe set up (little chairs and tables, cool!) down to the toilet facilities (yay! no nore oversized toilet bowls that threatens to "swollow" us whole!).

To add to the exclusivity, entry to this garden is restricted to children 0 to 12 years old and any adult who wants a peek into this garden MUST be accompanied by children. This means my presence is really important. No KIDS?, Sorry, No entry!

Here's yours truly having a whale of a time at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

I have Green Thumbs. The plants must be thristy!

Never too young to learn - the science of photosynthesis

Running across the suspension bridge - Not for the faint hearted

Can someone please tell me the name of this really stinko flower?

This is how i fetch a "pail" of water - But not quite the jack and jill way. Shhh... Do Not Disturb. Little mastro at work.
Climbing up the tree house, just like what i see in Barney and Friends!

A page out of Enid Blyton's "Enchanted Forest"? - Com'on out and play with me. you globbins and sprites.

Children Rules and the Adults don't get it!
p/s Any one wanna rent a kid (and a cute one at that)? Please enquire within.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Dream House

It should be a pink house with a red roof. The walls will be painted with pink glitter. Inside the house, there will be a big round swimming pool.

Instant Sibling

Since it's taking so long for Mommie and Daddie to get me a sibling, I decided to get one myself! Her name is Dolly and we do everything together. She listens to all my instructions and does everything i ask her to. No sibling rivalry.

So here's introducing Dolly, my little sister (she's the one sitting next to me). We are enjoying an episode of "Clifford Puppy Days" together

October 1

We spent an enjoyable children's day weekend at the Esplande. After "Tick and Tock", we participated in some of the free activities at the atrium of Esplande. There was a story telling about Taro the dragon boy followed by a session of Origami. I even got an unexpected dessert treat from Mommie and Daddie at a japanese restaurant - what a sweet way to end a day... aaaahhh....

Waiting with Daddie for the story telling to start

Yummy desserts. Biggest one is for me, the medium sized one is for mommie and the tiniest one is Daddie's!

Demonstration on how to fold a origami balloon

Check out these amazing works!

Mommie and Me busy at work Not quite a balloon yet!

Paper Cutting

One of my favourite activity is paper cutting... Just the other night, i folded a piece of paper in half and started to snip, snip, snip. The end result looks just like my favourite seafood! Wanna guess what it is?

Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, CutViola! My favourite seafood!

Happy Feet

I have a pair of grandparents who really loves to sing and dance. I think i've got a pair of happy feet too.. I absolutely love my Hip Hop and Ballet class. Jazz next?

They can dance....

I can dance.....

We can dance together!