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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Drama Mama Mighty Mouth 101

Lately, i've been thinking of writing a book. I've decided to title it "Mighty Mouth's Secret Book of Monkey Tricks" (not available in stores yet). Here's an abstract from my first work of literature.

Chapter 10 - Throwing Tantrums the Mighty Mouth Way (Methods that guarentees instant attention from adults)

Method 1: The Cliff Hanger

Instructions: Lean precariously close to the edge of bed, pretend that you will fall off anytime.
Tip from the Guru: When using this method, you have to keep 98% of your body on the bed and only stick part of your head out (this way, you will never fall off but will certainly scare the daylight out of your daddie and mommie).

Chances of success - 100%!! Guaranteed to have Daddie and Mommie scrambling to your rescue.


Method 2 : The Rolling Crying Pin

Instructions : Easy! Just wail, scream, kick and roll.... Do everything you can to create the biggest din. Compliment this method by sprawling your body across the floor (roll all around the room if space permits)

Tip from the Guru : Be sure to have a mattress around before you start. It's more comfortable to sprawl and roll on a mattress than on the cold hard floor. Trust me, i'm speaking from experience!

Chances of Success: 80%. It is important to choose a good position where you are at plain sight of Daddie and Mommie. Should use this method only once in a while coz the adults somehow become immune to the noise level after sometime.

Method 3 : The Breathless Babe

Instructions: Find a nice fluffy pillow and bury your face in it . Make sure your cries are muffled and you must sound as if you have difficulty breathing. If possible, pretend to turn BLUE.

Tip from the Guru: It is important to leave a gap somewhere between the pillow to prevent any accidental mishaps. Remember, this is only an act, always be cautious and take safety measures.

Chances of Success - 60%. This method is dangerous and your cries can be quite muffled. The adults may not be able to hear you especially if the TV is on!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

2 Men and a little Mighty Mouth

This is my first blog entry with daddie's help (coz mummy is away in sydney to buy lotsa pretty dresses for me!).. Ok, here goes:-

I had my first all guys outing today. It all started with Daddie feeling greedy at lunch time. However, Ah Mah was not feeling well, Grand Auntie Susan and Fatty Gramps were working. Indo gal didn't want to go out...but...Daddie's appetite overcame his phobia for nappy changing so he brought Uncle Da Bao to help entertain me.

Daddie took us to triple three's buffet and what a spread that was!!! There was lobster soup dipped in bread...baked carrots and bakedfish...and finally, for dessert....watermelon, papaya, and, my favourite...Yummilicious Ice Cream! It was sooo yummy and i didn't stop eating.

To show them that I am getting bigger and better co-ordinated, I also fed Daddie and Uncle Da Bao roast beef and water. Did i also tell you that i just had to do a big smelly poo poo in the middle of it all? Uncle Da Bao's face went white when daddy asked him if he wanted to watch the nappy change which was quite an event in itself.

It took about 10 minutes. i did lot of twisting and rolling and playing with the huge wall mounted mirror on that huge nappy changing table (in the gents!) at mandarin orchard.... while daddy tried to clean my bum bum ...but, i he used more wet wipes and tissues then anybodyelse... but, i wasn't completely unhelpful. being the helpful little girl i am, i helped by unscrewing the drapoline and squeezing out two very generous helpings...see, i'm growing up...soon, i'll know how to do all of this myself.

Friday, March 25, 2005

To Market... To Market

Mommie, Daddie, Fatty Gramps and Might Mouth went to the (super)market today. Daddie and Mommie created such a scene when Daddie tried to lift rolly polly mummy up on his shoulders to reach for a packet of cheap diapers. Daddie's face went from pink, to red and then green. Mommie was frantically kicking her legs, wrestling to get that packet of diapers down. It it took them 2 tries before they finally succeeded. With parents like these, who need clowns??

Meanwhile, I was contented with sitting in the shopping cart with fruits and toilet paper for company. And, I must admit that it was fun poking my pudgy fingers into those juicy sharon fruits that daddy left in the shopping cart. I hope Daddie wouldn't suspect me when he sees the the little holes i created when he eats them.

Finally, a word of advice from mighty mouth... "time for a diet, mommie" and "more exercise for you, daddie"!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Gymnastic Pudge

I cried myself to sleep last night coz Daddie punished me for throwing a tantrum. Woke up feeling really tired this morning - I think the crying last night must have caused my little cutie pie face to puff up like a BIG cotton candy ball. Anyway, my morning was spent at a baby gym. Nothing unusual - we were late again.... coz mommie thought the class starts at 11.30 and Daddie had to do a last minute poo job before we leave the house.

Well, gym class was ok... i did my first sommersault (in style!) and just when i thought it was quite a feat, I saw a little girl (just a little older than me) walked on the balancing beam all by herself!! Mommie was so impressed she signed me up for more classes which will start week after next (she's going to visit Auntie Eyhnee in Sydney next week and couldn't take me to class).

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Typical Mighty Mouth Week

I was thinking of recording my activities for a day but didn't know where to start. Well you see, unlike other babies who keep to a routine, my days are are spent differently each day.

Mondays to Wednesdays are reserved for Ah Ma who indulges me in mostly indoor activities - karaoke inclusive - and plentiful of fruits in aircon comfort. Ah Ma says that she aspires to groom me into a little singer girl. Unfortunately, her aspirations and mine are poles apart. When i grow up, I want to be a Secret Agent (codename: Mighty Mouth) NOT a singer girl.

Thursdays and Fridays are spent exploring wet markets and shopping centres with Fatty Gramps and Indo Gal. Needless to say, precious weekends are meant for parent-child bonding activities like family baths, swimming and a little bit of grocery shopping.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Mighty Mouth Goes to School

Daddie and Mommie have found me a school. It's near our house and has a really nice big playground in the yard! Daddie also said that I will learn to speak and write japanese at school. How cool is that! Adding sweetness to this school deal, I met this cute japanese boy who was also there with his parents to enrol in the same class as me. Ooh.. I'm already looking forward to starting school...... in January 2006!

Yay... I've found a school!

Eton House, here i come!

Testing out my new schoolbag

How do you like my serious looking pose?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Sound of Music

Last sunday marked the end of yet another semester at Kindermusik. I have attended 2 terms at the school and Daddie decided that it was time for me to move on and venture into something new... something more challenging - baby gym classes.

Well for Kindermusik, it's goodbye but not farewell. Daddie and Mommie promises to bring me back when i'm 18 mths old to join their next series of classes - Kindermusik, Our Time. As a record of these sweet lyrical memories at Kindermusik, here are some pictures of me and Daddie having fun in class.

Little Percussionist

Little Drummer Girl

Parachute Play

Ms Lavina & Me!