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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Monday, June 26, 2006

What 26 June 2006 means to me and Daddie

26 June marks an unforgettable date for Daddie and Me.

For me, it was the first day of proper school. The first thing i noticed was that unlike Julia Gabriel, this school allows all the children to run around without socks! The activities were overwhelming. There was painting, storytelling, songs, snacks, chinese and more.... But the part which i hated most today was sleeping time. There was so much to explore, I could hardly fall asleep. Teacher Diana had to read a couple of books to coax me to sleep. Overall, school was fun and i didn't need mommie or daddie to be keep me company at all! I'm looking forward to another brand new day at school tomorrow :)

For Daddie, 26/06/2006 didn't bode too well. On his way home from court, a big lorry rammed into Daddie's car and the entire boot compartment caved in. Ah Kong was in the car and he swore that the collision was so loud, it sounded like an explosion! Thankfully, no one was hurt.. but daddie was heartbroken because his less than 1 year old car is so badly damaged.

Daddie says we wouldn't be able to use the car for at least a week while it is in the workshop... BUT, hey! This doesn't sound too bad, coz that means i will be taking the Bus and Train a lot more! Hooray!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake

Mommie found a recipe for making playdough. She says it's better than those we buy from shopping centres because these are made from real food and even if i swallow them, I should be alright (the keyword is "Non Toxic").

It's so deliciouly fun playing with homemade dough. It smells so good i've tempted to eat them a few times. I think mommie knows i've tried eating them because of the scraps i leave behind at the corner of my mouth.

For mommies who would like to try your hand at this playdough, here's the recipe

2 Cups Plain Flour
2 Cups Warm Water
1 Cup Salt
1 Tbsp Tartar
1 Tbsp Olive oil
Your favorite colouring
Your favourite essense (I like orange and strawberry!)

Step 1 - Mix them all up in a pot and cook them over low fire
Step 2 - Stir continuously until mixture becomes a big lump of dough
Step 3 - Sprinkle some flour of table top and knead playdough while it's still warm

Viola! You've made your playdough. Bring out your cookie cutters and rolling pin coz it's time for loads of playdough fun!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Freedom of Speech

I Know Fastfood Better Than You
Daddie: Joey, would you like some chips?
Joey: (looking perturbed). No Daddie. These are not chips, they are french fries.

Baby Bop and Me
Mommie: Joey, how old are you?
Joey: 3 years old.
Mommie: No Joey, you are only 2 and a half.
Joey: No! I am 3! Just like Baby Bop!

Threats Don't Work!
Daddie: (waving his finger) Joey, you must not take Barney out of the house.
Joey: No! I must!
Daddie: Ok. But if you drop Barney on the floor, i will have to throw it away.
Joey: Then you have to buy me a new one!

Excuses, Excuses
Daddie: Joey, can you walk on your own, please
Joey: No!
Mommie: Good little girls must walk on their own.
Joey: No! I am lazy bumble bee!

Mommie Taught Me Well?
Daddie: Joey, what is Daddie's name?
Joey: Slow poke! ( From the corner of my eyes, i can see mommie grinning from ear to ear!)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Many Faces of Mighty Mouth




Acting cute


Scrunchy Face

Monday, June 12, 2006

School Excursion to the Zoo

My 1 week of school at Julia Gabriel includes a trip to the Zoo. Although we visit the Zoo quite often, it is the 1st time i'm visiting it with all my little friends. We held hands and toddled around the Zoo together. Although there was a thunderstorm (again!!), it didn't dampen our mood at all. We braved the rain by travelling in a tram and waited at a picnic area for the rain to go away. Our prayers were answered - the rain stopped just about the same time we finished our breakfast.

We said hello to 3 different spicies of monkeys before trooping across the road to watch the elephant show. The show was spectacular and i've learnt so much more about elephants after the show. For one, the elephants could paint just like me!

The other children had to go back with the school bus but Zoie and Rayna stayed back with me to tour the zoo a little more. We met a friendly kangaroo who hopped out of his enclosure and we took turns to pat it on it's back.

Before we headed home, we had one last bit of fun riding on the choo choo train. While chugging down the tracks, we sang "Down on Grandpa's Farm" when we saw black and white cows, a great big pig and some little yellow ducks.

G'Day Mate!

Me, Rayna and Zoie. All raring to go into the zoo

That's Sam and Me!

Meeting Barney and Friends

Thanks to my influence, i've turned the whole family into Barney Fans. Fatty Gramps was really excited when Barney, Baby Bop and BJ came to town. She dragged Lai Po and Indo gal to the shopping centre early in the morning to queue for tickets just so that i could watch the show up close. I had a whale of a time singing and dancing to the tune of "Mr Knickerbuckle" and "Mister Sun". When i went on stage to have my picture taken with them, i gave all my idols a BIG BIG hug.

Mommie did some research and found that there is a Barney Theme Store called "All Things Barney" at Universal Studios Florida. If only Daddie and Mommie will take me there.. It'll be my dream come true!

Say Cheese!

Dancing with Barney and Baby Bop

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My First Day in School

I started my first day of school at Julia Gabriel with excitement. Mommie has taken 1 week off from work to take me to school. School was fun! I got to paint elephants and monkeys... I even made a musical mobile all by myself.

To my dismay, mommie says that lessons at Julia Gabriel is only for a week. She said it's a "taster" of school life for me (whatever that means). I hear that i will be going to a REAL school at the end of June. I hope i'll enjoy the new school as much as i did at Julia Gabriel.

Here are some cool memories of my 1st day at school.

Daddie's sending me to school on my 1st day

Playtime - My friends Rayna and Zoie are in the same class as I am

I love school!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Why No Updates?

I haven't been able to update my exciting life because dear daddie replaced our notebook with a macbook. This macbook is completely different from our old notebook (which decided to die on us when we were searching for FREE Barney mp3s). Mommie and I are totally lost! Baffled! How do we get this D!@%$! thing to work the way we like it to work just like the old one?!