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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Class Photos

Another year at Etonhouse has past. After all the hullabaloo, I'm still at this school - and likely to remain so till i move on to Primary 1.

Here are the yearly class photos as a record of my pre-primary education at the school


Saturday, September 27, 2008

We are Ready!

According to Dr Ann, my baby sister should be arriving sometime next week. The cot is up, the clothing washed, bottles ready, presents bought.

Dear Jamie, we are all prepared and ready to welcome you to our family :) See you soon my baby sister!

Meanwhile here are some pictures of her in my mommie's tummy (probably the last few before we see the real thing)

A rather clear image of Jamie

Can you see Jamie sucking on her tootsies?

Jamie's little chubby digits

Reaching a new milestone

I have to put this on record. On 19 September 2008, i reached a new milestone in life.. I've learnt to swim independently without any swimming aids.

Daddie is convinced that the credit should go to the Konfidence swimming vest he invested in, while Mommie thinks that all credit should go to Uncle John, my swimming coach.. As for me, it's obvious that i deserve all the credits myself!

I took on a dare from my classmates. When they teased that i was the slowest learner and the smallest in class, i decided to prove them all wrong by taking the plunge (literally!). I threw myself into the water and paddled furiously with all my might... and before i even know it, i was.... *gasp* swimming!

Here's a clip of my attempts at swimming, taken yesterday at swimming lessons.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Marriage Proposal

Someone whispered into my mommie's ears about a marriage proposal i received from a classmate.

When we got home, the interrogation began.....

Mommie:"Joey, did XXX ask you to marry him?"
Joey:"Yes. He said he wants to marry me, but i didn't say i want to marry him"
Joey:"I told him i will choose someone else, but not him"
Mommie:"Then who do you want to marry?"
Joey:"I don't know. I haven't decided yet"
Mommie:"Why do you think XXX wants to marry you? Is it because you are cute or pretty?"
Joey:"No... i think it's because i have a lot of toys and jewellery!"
Mommie: *roll eyes*

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My love for ice-skating has grown and i'm now a permanent "fixture" at the rink every Saturday afternoon. Someday i hope - or rather it's mommie's hope - that i'll become a good figure skater.

Inspired by High School musical on ice, I'm going to have a "Royal Birthday Party On Ice" on December 19! Yes, i know December is still a long way off, but with some major logistics issues in mind, my folks reckoned that they should better plan early this time.

Wow wee!! I'm so thrilled, I'm spinning round and round in joy :)

Back to Nature

I've been particularly excited today... coz I've designated it as "Back to Nature" day! Daddie has arranged with a friend who owns a fish farm to let me and my friends plant some fruit trees!

Right after berriesworld, we gathered some papaya seeds and headed off to the farm for our tree planting activity. Uncle Matthew, Yishu and Yiting joined us for this excursion too!

After loosening the ground, each of us took turns to sow the papaya seeds into the soil and covered it with earth. Daddie's friend told us that it will take about 3 months before we will get to see the fruits of our labour. We are not sure if the seeds will grow into trees, but we are excited at the prospects of having our very own papaya fruit tree!

"Dear Papaya seed.... i hope you will survive, grow and bear us lots of sweet juicy fruits! I will back in 3 months time to see you again!"

Daddie helping Yi Ting to sow the papaya seeds

My buddy Yishu and I posing with the tanks of fish.

I even brought home some guppies as souvenirs. Thank you Uncle for the beautiful guppies. I'll promise to take good care of them!

Mini Toons @ Mid Autumn Festival

I had a very special mid-autumn festival this year. Auntie Sumin invited us to her condo's party and I was surprised to see all my cousins there too. I've not played with Isabel and Michelle for quite some time already, so it was certainly good to see them again!

The party was a major affair with lantern parades (with a bunny no less!), face painting, magic shows and stage performances. You won't believe it but Mabel, Darren, Auntie Sumin and I took the courage to participate in one of the stage games! We had to dress up as Houyi (Darren), The Sun (Mabel) and Chang Er (ME ME ME!) and acted along with the storyline. There were 5 groups in total, made up of mostly older kids. We are Team Number 5 and the tiniest of the lot. The emcee aptly named our team "the Minitoons"!

We acted to the best of our ability - Darren made the crowd laughed with his funny antics - and we were voted 1st runner up by the audience!

It's a pity no one brought along a camera and all we got is this blur shot from Daddie's blackberry. But nevermind, such sweet memories will be etched in my mind forever.... afterall, it's my first maiden inpromtu stage performance :)

The mini toons on stage

Swimming Lessons

I've been attending swimming lessons for over a month now and i think it's time for some updates on my progress.

Although i've yet to learn to swim independently, I've gained alot more confidence in water. I'm no longer afraid to put my head under water but I'm still having some problems blowing bubbles through my nose.

Swimming lessons are something I look forward to every week. My swimming buddies includes Ernest, Yi Shu, Yi Ting, Kristy and Lee Shin who are all my classmates from Etonhouse. On fridays, Mommie will pick Ernest and myself up from school and we will head to Yishu's house for our lessons (but not before we have a little "picnic" in the car enroute to the pool).

Our coach, uncle John is fantastic with children and he sure knows how to make the lessons fun for us. We play a lot of water games and also pretended to be spiderwomen (and spiderman) walking along the walls of the deep pool while learning to blow bubbles.

Here are some pictures of what goes on at my swimming class.

Getting ready for swimming lessons with my classmates

Learning to kick and blow bubbles

Walking along the wall at the deep end of the swimming pool

Monday, September 08, 2008

What would you do?

I was bullied in school today. During music lessons, a classmate who wanted to sit where i was sitting, pushed me away and I fell and cut my lips. Blood oozed out and my lips now looked kind of bruised. When the adults found out, they gave me 4 different suggestions on how to deal with such situations in future....

Mommie: Joey, fighting is no good. BUT... if someone hurts you and you hit that person back to protect yourself, then it's ok. It's called Self Defense.

Ah Ma: Joey, next time if someone hurts you, just walk away. Don't go near that person anymore.

Daddie: JOEY! When someone hits you, you must hit that person back DOUBLY HARD!

Ah Kong: Joey, I'm going to teach you BOXING!


Now i'm confused.... so who should i listen to? hmmm......

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I shall have the final say

I think i'm getting better with words... even Fatty Gramps is no match for me. heh heh.

Fatty Gramps: *gasp* "Joey, you've got double eyelids! That means you are going to fall sick! You better pack your toys and go to sleep"

Joey:"I'm not falling sick, these are double eyelids of HAPPINESS!"

Fatty Gramps: *speechless*