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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Am i really a funny bunny?

Sometimes, i throw the adults into fits of laughter with my funny talk...

Funny Talk 1 - Blowing a kiss
I blew a kiss in the car and exclaimed "Hey, someone quickly catch the kiss that's flying in the car!"

Fatty gramps caught my kiss and i continued "Now you got to eat it, so it'll go right to your heart"

Funny Talk 2 - How much is a kiss
Daddie rang up one afternoon to ask for a kiss from me, so mommie drove me to his office and i gave him a loud smacking kiss.

Mommie:"Joey, do you know that the kiss cost me $1?! (mommie had to drive through one ERP gantry to get to daddie's office)

Joey:"$1? No! My kiss is $80,000 each. Now, give me $80,000!"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adelaide Day 3

At the rate Mommie is going, it's gonna take at least another 2 months before the whole trip is recorded on this journal of mine. Sigh...


Day 3 started late.. really late coz Mommie couldn't get out of bed until 9.30am! It wasn't too bad actually coz it's supposed to be a fuss free and take it easy day anyway.

First stop - The Giant Rocking Horse at Gumeracha. It was rather disappointing when i realised that the Giant Rocking horse, doesn't ROCK! We paid AUD$4 to climb it anyway only to discover that we can't climb to the top of the horse. The consolation was.... we got free entry to the wildlife garden and 2 certificates for "climbing" the horse. It was in this garden when i met a crazy white chicken who chased me round and scared me really badly. We left the place shortly after a little shopping at the toy factory.

We started our drive along the outskirts of Barossa Valley with no particular spot in mind. Saw a vineyard sign - Seppelt Wines - and decided to just check it out. Daddie off course sampled the wine and food, while i made friends with 2 very friendly black labradors. I think i've discovered my love for dogs! We spent a few good hours here chatting with the owners of the vineyard, savouring the fantastic woodfire pizza and just relaxing.

After bidding farewell to the dogs and the owners, We wanted to check out the Maggie Beer farmhouse at Tanuda but got lost along the way and decided to head right into the heart of barrossa valley for lunch. By the time we arrived at Barrossa, all the lunch places were closed. We had to eat at this dingy eatery which served chicken kiev and chips. It's nothing to wow about, but at least we didn't have to die of starvation!

On our way back to Adelaide, we visited the Herbig family tree. A family of 16 used to live in this gum tree.

Dinner was spent with my cousins. It was good meeting up with them again!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adelaide - Day 2

Day 2 was spent at Adelaide Hill which was only a short 30mins drive away from the city centre. After a hearty breakfast (first of many more to come) at the hotel, our first stop was Cleland Wildlife park - this park came highly recommended by Auntie Su-lin. It must be a low season for tourists coz it was very quiet and we were the only asians there. I met many of my marsupial friends and even got to pat a koala and feed some kangeroos. Daddie won't let me get close to this really big red kangeroo, coz he said it looked agressive and may box me! Makes me wonder if kangeroos are really good boxers.

Something funny happened while i was chasing kangeroos... i slipped and fell onto a cluster of kangeroo poo! It was really yucky, but thankfully ain't stinky. Here's a pic of the "handful" of poo (anyone care for a sniff? heh heh).

Next up, Hahndorf - the german town. On the way, we passed by Mt Lofty Summit where we made a quick stop for daddie to check out the shop, in search for a walking stick for his injured knee. We also made a mental note to check into the Loft Summit hotel the next time we visit adelaide. It's a really nice big house perched on a cliff, overlooking the Adelaide Hills. It'll be so wonderful to wake up every morning to such breathtaking views.

Hahndorf was just another 15mins away from Mt Lofty. See, Adelaide is really small and many places of interest are just a short drive away. We needed lunch when we arrived at hahndorf and we were oh-so spoilt with choices! Every restaurant looked so inviting and after driving up and down the street a couple of times, we decided to eat at the Stables Inn. Food was ok, ambience was good, service.. EXCELLENT!

After lunch, we had to walk off the "stone" in our tummies and explored this little german town. Mommie felt that it's quite dead and lacked maintenance. It's a far cry from the vibrant hahndorf she visited abt 8 years ago when she was a student. We checked out Humbug, the lollyshop where i picked out a heartshaped chocolate for myself. Later, I was attracted by this big pretzel hanging outside a bakery and being our usual gluttony selves, we decided to have our tea break there (yes! with the "stone" from our lunch still in our tummies)

Another 5 mins drive and we arrived at the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm. The farm is closed for winter but we did a great deal of shopping at the factory. My folks bought bottles of assorted jam for my classmates (how timely, esp when we are learning all about jam just before i left for this holiday). It'll certainly make a great gift for all my friends!

On our way back to city, we dropped by the fresh produce market and bought some fruits to snack for the rest of our trip. Daddie wished he could cart back the butternut pumpkins which were selling for a quarter of how much it'll cost in Singapore!

Our last stop at adelaide hills is the Bridgewater Mills vineyard. While daddie was busy tasting wine, Fatty Gramps, mommie and I explored the estate. It was the first time i've seen a real waterwheel and it was like a page out of my fairytale storybooks! The sound of water going round and round was - in mommie's words - very therapeutic!

Dinner was a simple affair at Nandos chicken (something which mommie missed a lot since her aussie school days). We did some major shopping at the adjacent Kmart - a peep into the shopping cart, you'll find dozen boxes of Decadent Choco biscuits, lots of chuppa chup handphone charms, PJs for daddie and me, books, toys, clothing for fatty gramps and clothes hangers too! YES!! clothes hangers... something which fatty gramps said she couldn't find in Singapore??

It was about 10pm when we returned to our hotel. We will be visiting the barossa valley on Day 3. Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Adelaide Day 1

We are back from Adelaide (correction: it's been a week since we returned from our really relaxing and stressless trip).

There are just too much to say, it'll be better if i'll just leave you - my dear readers - with daily highlights of our trip:

Day 1: Arrival at Adelaide

What we ate:
Breakfast from Woolworths. We went shopping at the supermarket at Rundel Mall and came back with bags of bread, milk, ham, cakes and loads of fruits. For lunch, it was a simple pie affair at a cafe just round the corner from our hotel. Dinner was Pizza at a Pizza place just a street away.

Where we went:
Nowhere in particular. We stayed mostly at the hotel except for a couple of hours when Daddie and Mommie went out for some paktor time, on the pretext that they have to get some medication for Fatty Gramps at the chemist.

What we bought:
Daddie bought himself a rather expensive overcoat which looks great on him. My folks bought mesome great smelling Eukyrub and a little mermaid electric toothbrush from the chemist.

Highlight of the day:
The early check-in was very much welcomed. Friendly hotel staff and great service!

Unforgettable moments:
We arrived at Adelaide very early in the morning. It was 8am in Adelaide but only 6.30am Singapore time. My parents and fatty gramps - obviously not used to being awake at such an ungodly hour - were totally zonked out. And since i had a very restful sleep on the plane (sprawled out across 3 seats), i spent my time killing the batteries on my leapster while the old foggies catch up on 40 winks.

When everyone is full re-charged in the afternoon, Fatty gramps suddenly realised that she has forgotten to pack some important medication which she is suppose to take daily. Thankfully, we are in Adelaide and medical help is just a phone call away!