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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me....

Yay! I'm officially 3 years old. Woohoo! You can call me a BIG girl now. Yesterday (30 Dec 2006) I had the greatest party of my life. It was made possible with the help of some people whom I wish to give a BIG BIG thank you to!! Hey guys, thank you for making my birthday such a blast!

  • My 20 little friends who came and shared this fun and memorable time with me. You guys and gals were the gems and sparkle of the party!

    1) Friends from Eton House - Maya, Kaede, Yi Shu, Yi Ting, Bruce, Lily
    2) Friends from Internet Forum - Joshua, Joel, Zoie
    3) Friends from Mommie and Daddie - Siang Ray, Daniel, Valerie, Emily, Kendra, Edyth
    4) Cousins - Daren, Mable, Isabelle, Michelle

  • Parents and grandparents of my little friends, who lent "logistical" support by ferrying your kids (aka my friends) to the party. Without your help, they would not be able to find their way to my party and there would have been no party to begin with. Thank you Uncles and Aunties!

  • Uncle Dabao who volunteered to help with photo-taking, capturing all the laughter and joy of me and my friends.

  • Fatty Gramps who filmed the party, recording all these precious moments for my keepsake forever. These are memories to last for a lifetime.

  • MacDonalds, KFC and eCreative for delivering the food and cake to us on time. After vigorous play, we sure needed the food to give us the extra boost of energy!

  • Ah Kong who made a special appearance to help out at the party, cheering for me and my little friends. Without a doubt, he was the No.1 Cheerleader aka Pom Pom "boy" of the night. 3 cheers to Ah Kong.. Hip hip Horray!

  • Grand Uncle Kiat and Grand Auntie Nana who came to help with clearing up after the party and transporting the presents. Without your help, we would have been really late for the second party at Tanah Merah.

  • To the parents again, who gamely took on the challenge of "snowfighting" with us. It was a game between Big Kids vs Little Ones. The game was a close one, but i think Little Ones won! Well, we always do, don't we? :)

  • The folks at JWT Kids' Gym, I had great fun and i'm sure my guests did too. Thank you for keeping us entertained throughout the party! The games were really FUN with a capital F-U-N! Special thanks to Shawn, who indeed lived up to the name of a Funner Trainer. Now my parents are convinced that i should go back to JWT for more gym lessons! YAY!

  • Finally to Mommie and Daddie, who planned and paid for this all for me, making my 3rd birthday an extra special one.

Click here for those great photo moments (more coming soon).

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Diary of a Princess - A Christmas Day Special

9.30 am - Rise and Shine (milkaholic at work, do not disturb)

10.00am - My Christmas To-Do list

All I want to do on Christmas is to tear those wrapping papers apart. It's time for Open House! Whole suite of Barbie doll toys and accessories to complement my new house - Courtesy of Fatty Gramps!

10.30am - Woohoo! It's TV time
There are loads of Christmas Specials on Disney Playhouse. I didn't quite enjoy the Wiggles Movie though... Hey, bring back my double episodes of Little Einstein!!

1pm - Uh, I think there's a bear in my tummy!
And it's growling.. I need food! Thankfully Daddie and Mommie decided to throw Mr Diet out of the window and invited cousin Nikko for lunch at our usual dim sum hangout. I absolutely love the Char Siew Bao, Chee Cheong Fun and the revolving dining area.

2.30pm - YAWNnnn....
I've had my fill and now it's time for me to hit the sack. Mommie and Cousin Nikko decided to do some exercise after such a heavy lunch and went for "brisk walking" at Vivocity. Daddie and I headed home as slumberland beckons.

And, they carted home presents for everyone!

6.30pm - Highlight of the Day

Auntie Su Ann prepared a scrumptious Xmas dinner for the family. Absolutely love the leg of lamb, roast beef and mash potatoes.

9.30pm - It's a Season of Merry Tidings
Merry Christmas to one and all!
Jo Jo Pudge

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bintan Getaway

Fast facts and figures (and some pictures too!) of our Family Holiday!

To Bintan

No. of people who traveled together – 21

No. of people who puked during the boat trip to Bintan – 0

No. of people who turned "green" after the boat trip to Bintan – 21!

What we brought

Total No. of bags - 24

No. of eggs we brought to Bintan– 90

No. of cans of sardine we brought to Bintan – 6

No. of cans of sardine we brought back to Singapore – 6

Where we stayed

No of bungalows – 2 + 1 hotel room

No. of beds in each bungalow – 6

No. of people staying in each bungalow – 9

Time taken to travel from lobby to bungalow in a buggy – 10 mins

Time taken to walk from lobby to bungalow – 4 mins!

Food for thought

Most consumed food – Fish and Chips

Most consumed beverage – Fresh Coconut

Favorite breakfast item – Beef Bacon

Favorite home cooked food – Fried Noodles

Favorite home cooked dessert – Green bean soup

Weather Report

No. of days it rained – 4

No. of days with no activities because of rain – 0 (rain or no rain, it ain’t stopping the family from having fun!)

Man with Funny hairdo after coming back from the windy beach – 1

Estimated wind speed – 30km/h


Favorite indoor entertainment for my uncles and aunties– Scrabble

Favorite indoor entertainment for the "matured audience" - Mahjong

Favorite outdoor activity for my uncles and aunties – Water Pillow Fight

No of Bulls eye at archery game – 2 (Coutesy of Mommie and Uncle Gordon)

Total number of arrows used – 70!

And, like Mastercard says….

Price of ferry tickets - $800

Cost of Accommodation - $2,400

Dinner at Pasah Oleh Oleh - $300

Family togetherness, bonding and having fun – Priceless!

Mommie's cousins... aka my aunties and uncles

Happy Trios!

Uncle Ben, Auntie Charmaine and Family

Let's show some team spirit!

The fun bunch!

PONG! Lai Po looks pleased with her mahjong game

Missing from pic, Uncle Ben and Mommie

Lots of fish in the pond outside our bungalow

How many hands in total? Always a joy riding on Uncle Edgar's shoulders.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh No! My house is falling apart!

Poor Mommie and Daddie, I think their house is falling apart! Just a month ago, Mommie's photo frames came crashing down from the wall and broke our electic sockets. Last week, our kitchen door gave way and fell off. And yesterday, the padlock on our gate malfunctioned and Daddie was locked out of the house for 1 whole hour.

Thankfully, Indogal squeezed a book out of the gate so Daddie could keep himself entertained while waiting for the locksmith to come (hey, that's a new occupation i learnt!). Poor Daddie... he looked forlorn, like a homeless dog sitting outside the gate, while mommie was enjoying all the creature comforts in the house!

I really feel sorry for them to be living in a house what is falling apart. Well, if my folks don't mind, they can put up at my spanking new house while they get their's fixed. The only "problem" is, they can only move in after christmas coz my house is still in a box, wrapped up in fancy paper and tucked under the christmas tree. But if they'll like a "preview", this is how my house looks like. Seems pretty comfy to me. Can't wait to tear those wrapping paper apart!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

One Eye Jack

Just a couple of days ago, I got a rude shock when I woke up from my nap in school. One of my eye was swollen to a pulp! When Ah Mak came to pick me up from school, she too had a shock.... she told me i mustn't scratch it or my eyeballs will pop out of it's socket!

I told the adults that i got bitten by a centipede by none of them believed me. Daddy thinks that it must the work of a big black ant which he saw at the activity hall in the morning. He tried to step on it but it ran away. I guess, the ant must have come back to seek revenge on me after daddie's failed attempt to exterminate it.

Well, i'm just hoping that the swelling will go off soon.. coz a one eye jack Princess, ain't a pretty sight. Oh, Pickles!

Monday, December 11, 2006

It's Mommie's Birthday

For mommie's birthday, Daddie brought us to a dining place where i got to see "snow". I asked for my snow clothes and mittens but they said it wasn't necessary. I finally understood why later.... the snow was actually made up of soapy foam "spat" out from some roaring machines. Although it was fun to have "snow" falling all around, daddie and mommie had a hard time trying to clean me up before we could eat our dinner in peace.

I would say that the experience was fun, but I'm sure i'll enjoy the real snowfall even more. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that when i visit China in March, I'll get to see real snow.

Look Daddie, i caught some "snow" on my hands.

Romantic setting for a cozy family of 3

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

10 Signs that December is here

Although I'm still unable to recite the months from January to December, I know my favourite month - December - is here, when......

10) The Christmas Tree sees the light again after a long stay in the store room (Mommie tells me that the tree hybernates for 11 mths and will "wake up" only in December)

9) I see wrapping paper, ribbons and presents everywhere.

8) I get to meet Santa and his reindeers at the shopping centres.

7) I get to choose A birthday cake. Hmm... I hope it's not too much to ask for A princess castle cake and A dora cake?

6) Food, glorious food..... There seem to be something to celebrate for, every other day.

5) I get to go shopping at concourse where i'll see christmas trees of all colours, beautify decorations and loads of partyware.

4) Parties, Parties and More Parties. The adults always have a reason to party and drink bubbles. Erm.... i'll rather play with bubbles though!

3) Wishes come true...... Thanks for the huge dollhouse, Fatty Gramps :)

2) Daddie and Mommie will fight with me for the choice of music in the car. They like "Deck the Halls", but i'll much prefer my Little Einstein CD with music from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
And the NO. 1 tell-tale sign that December is here
10) I hear this from Daddie "I'm Broke... I'm Broke... I'm Broke..." I wonder which part of him is broken? Maybe i can fix it for him?

Anyway, I would like to wave hello to some lovely people I know, who also celebrates their birthday in December.....