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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bali - Back to Nature

Hi Guys,

I'm back from Bali.

This trip was really quite different from the last one to Japan. There was no disneyland or busy shopping streets. Instead, i got to see lots of mother nature's creations. There was the astounding view of the great Indian Ocean, beautiful rice terraces, rolling hills of cornfields, coffee plantation, turtles and even an active volcano!

Mommie was surprised that I was enjoying myself, taking in all the sights and sounds of Bali. I even entertained myself with drawing and singing during mommie's 2 hours spa treatment.

At the art gallery, i spotted a really nice painting of a padifield. I scrutinized it for a long time but Mommie didn't get my "hint". So now, the painting remains hanging in the gallery instead of my living room!

Pity Daddie couldn't join us for the trip, i'm sure he would love the sea sports and the nice pool in the hotel. He promised to join us for the next family holiday though. He's thinking of Bali in October. Hmm... back to Bali again? Well, I'm not complaining :)

Come experience Bali with me, click here for pictures

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Japan - I love it! I love it!

こんばんは! (Good Evening),

Yours truly, the little jetsetter is back after a week long holiday in Japan. There is just too much to share, I'm pretty sure it'll be daylight by the time i finish typing with my littly pudgy fingers. I'll leave you with some facts and figures of my holiday! But, in short, the trip was simply stupendous!

Number of pictures taken - 372
(Mommie complained that her face appeared in less than 10 pictures!)

Length of video taken - 6 hours
(Fatty Gramps complained that she didn't get to see herself in the video much)

p/s: No prizes for guessing who's the photographer and who's the videographer

Number of rides we took at disneyland - 8
(We went on Honey i shrunk the kids 3D show, Peter Pan's flight, Buzz lightyear galaxy", "Starjet", "It's a Small world", "Pooh's Hunny Hunt", "Goofy's bouncy house" and "Roger Rabbit")

Number of ice-creams - 7
(I had one everyday! Strangely enough, my runny nose went away! Maybe an ice-cream a day keeps the doctor away??)

Amount of Popcorn consumed - 2 barrels
(My personal favourite being the banana flavoured one)

Number of days it rained - 2 days
(The rain was so heavy, we couldn't visit the wasabi farm due to road closure. BUT... we made an unexpected stopover at a Premium factory outlet where mommie went bonkers at Gap! Thank goodness too that the rain went away on the day we visited Disneyland! I think my "rain rain, go away" chants must be working!)

Number of times I enjoyed Japanese Onsen (hotspring bath) - 3 (The water was way too hot for me but i'm content with just sitting by the poolside with Fatty gramps splashing hot water on me and rubbing my back... oooooh aaaahhhh)

Places i enjoyed most
Coming in at #1 - Disneyland (no doubt about it!). In 2nd place - the Bullet Train ride (whoosh!), 3rd - Toyota Mega Web where I finally got to sit in the Driver's seat and try out all the cars on display. Well, the rest were sightseeing which i wasn't all that interested)

Japanese words i've learnt - Just 3 words
Too few to hold a conversation with my japanese friends back at school

For more photos, visit

さようなら! (goodbye)

Signing off,
Little Joey Khor aka Mighty Mouth

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Missing School

Yes, I'm missing school in every sense of the word. I started having runny nose last friday and daddy has been keeping me at home since. There was no school for me even though i wanted very much to go. Mommie is worried that i will not recover in time for our holiday starting Saturday.

So from this week till the time we return to Singapore, i will be missing school for a total of 3 weeks. I hope my friends will still remember me when i return to school on 28 July.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bad Car Day

Not again! Our poor car just got another bad knock today at the Singapore Repertory Theatre's carpark. Mommie thought she could manuevour the car through a tight corner but her "judgement" didn't quite turn out the way she expected. It scratched the side so badly the side panel came off and part of the plastic was protruding out. The first thing she did was to "confess" to Daddie and half expecting a scolding...... BUT it was not to be.... Apparently, Daddie got into an accident too while on his way to attend Auntie Su Ann's birthday party after buying a cake. His misdeed wasn't as bad as mommie's. The car only suffered some scratches.

Daddie wasn't a good boy though. Unlike mommie (who admitted her mistake immediately), he hasn't told Ah Kong abt the scratches yet. I think he's hoping that Ah Kong wouldn't notice them but that would be rather difficult unless Ah Kong is blind!

Daddie attribute these misfortunes to "Bad Car Day"

Note: I have deliberately left out the pictures for this update coz I'm quite sure mommie doesn't want to be reminded of this painful (to her pocket) episode.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Match Made in Heaven

Bright and early in the morning, while mommie was still snoring away, Daddie and I were already wide awake and busying ourselves in preparation for Uncle Mark and Auntie Audrey's wedding. Daddie was the Best Man for the wedding... i couldn't understand what becoming a Best Man entails but in my eyes, Daddie has always been the BEST man!

Uncle Mark is very special to Daddie, Mommie and me. He was the one who witnessed Daddie and Mommie's solemisation and was the first person to visit me on the day that i was born! Oh! My first stuffed toy was from him too! His wedding really meant alot to us and we are truly happy to be able to contribute and be part of it :)

Back at church, the adults were singing songs i have never heard before. So i tried persuading them to sing some "universal" songs which i thought would appeal to both adults and children alike. I started crooning away with songs like "B-I-N-G-O" and "Old Mac Donald had a farm". Unfortunately (or fortunately for Uncle Mark and Auntie Audrey), that Mommie of mine was unappreciative of my singing "initiatives". She dragged me out of the church and wouldn't allow me back in unless i promised to stop singing.

To distract me from creating further "havoc", Mommie decided to let me take charge of photography. I took many pictures but only a few turned out well. And there was one which mommie thought was really well taken. So here it is... what do you say?