The World Thru Joey's Eyes

Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Disaster is my middle name?

It was by chance Daddie discovered a little Gelare outlet hidden at an inconspicuous corner of Suntec City - all thanks to mummy who "only" wanted to "check out" Toys"R"Us. Since the discovery, there was no turning back! It has become our family's favourite haunt... we are their their most regular....uh.... should i also say "infamous" customers.

You see, yours truly is at the "Monkey See, Monkey Do" stage of development. Daddie samples ice-cream, i sample too. Daddie pours syrup over waffles, i pour too (uh oh! ... except my syrup landed on their swanky new sofa, the sparkling floor and my stylish new clothes.)

Mommie slapped her head and said" OH NO!!!!!!"... i too slapped my head and..... OH OH!! The syrup on my hand has gel'ed my hair together!!"

Daddie says "disaster" is my middle name.... hmmm... I think "Joey Disaster Khor" sounds like a really cool name!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm a JWT Gymkid

I'm finally enrolled in a school where everyone is happy :)

I'm HAPPY because - Gym sessions are really fun! Loads of Tumbling, Crawling, Hanging, Song and Dance.

Daddie's HAPPY because - Auntie Veronica's cafe is right downstairs... so while mommie and I sweat it out at the gym (Yes! It's more of a workout for mommie than for me), he gets to enjoy his weekend cuppa soup in peace and quiet.

Mommie's HAPPY because - My lessons are now on Saturday noon. That means she gets to watch TV the whole of Sunday!

Me and CY, handsome or not?I see light at the end of the tunnel

Walking the plank. Are there sharks out there?Hello! Anybody there?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Secret Rendezvous

Sshhhh.... Don't tell Daddie that Mommie took me on a Duckie ride! Daddie says that it's dangerous for a little baby girl who couldn't swim to be onboard a precarious looking dinghy boat. "Who's going to save my precious Joey if the duck sinks?" rants Daddie... Anyway, that ain't gonna happen coz yours truly (the little thrill seeker) is back on terra firma.

The ride on the duck (i would describe it as a boat on wheels) was really fun! I shrieked in joy when it splashes into the water. It was most fun when another boat passes by and created big waves which rocked our Duck!

A note to Daddie dearest - Who says i couldn't swim. At my primitive, i was the fastest, strongest swimmer amongst my tadpole peers! Hmm.. I thot you should know better?

All Aboard!A'Hoy Captain Mighty Mouth!
Ooh...So exciting! The breeze is making me sleepy