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Monday, September 28, 2009

Start the ball rolling again...

It's terrible terrible! I've not updated this blog for 1 whole month... time to get my act together...

Since the last update, i've done lots things:-

1) Fishing at Mersing

This happened in August during the National Day break. It's a short break for me and my classmates, Julia and Felicia. It's the first time i've caught a fish too! Though the kelong is spartan, but with a bunch of good friends, time whizzed by and we are left yearning for more kelong escapades!

2) Yamaha class concert

It's my second concert since i started at Yamaha exactly a year ago. I've improved (though far from perection) ever since my folks invested in a piano for me. Here's a snippet of my performance.

3) School activities

Odyssey is an amazing school! It's the best decision mommie has ever made when she moved me from Etonhouse to this school. Well, truth be told - I may not be academically better than others but i've learnt something important that not all schools can offer - An opportunity to learn to enjoy learning in a stimulating environment!

The sports day was awesome! It was so professionally organised, one would mistake it for a primary school sports day!


Then we had a cultural experience day where we learnt to sing "Shan Ge" and dance the bamboo dance! We also had the opportunity to pick up calligraphy and took lessons in chinese Wushu!

P1070963Getting ready to perform a scarf dance

One of the other exciting event was the Art Exhibition at the Arts House. Our aboriginal art and other art pieces were on display and the proceed from the sale went to the Children's Society. We were taught that there are many kids out there who do enjoy the same quality of education that we have, they may also not have the money to buy food or books. The money that we've raised for them will go a long way.

P1070980A Piece of Aboriginal Art we did - It's not for sale

Preparing for Primary 1 - Odyssey does a good job preparing us for the next biggest chapter in our lives. The move from kindergarten to a Primary school. Our teachers inviting parents, and primary school kids to share with us their school going experience and we had the chance to ask them all the questions that we have.

We also simulated a canteen, where we learnt to count and buy snacks with our money.


The last 3 months of this year will be an exciting one for me. There's the graduation concert to look forward to, where we will be performing Cats and Saturday Night Fever at Sentosa, a Farewell Party, My SuperStarz themed Birthday Party and....... We are moving to a new house. One with a lot more space for us to roam around, to climb up and down and cycle around.