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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chinese New Year Activities

Besides getting my piggy in the bank fed with my ang pow money - which is IMPORTANT, every Chinese New Year is also about family bonding - which is even more IMPORTANT!We go for family outings and do things we enjoy together as a family.

Here are some of the things we did during this festive season:-

The Sentosa flower show

It delighted me with many mother goose characters whom i'm so familiar with. Saw Humpty, the old woman and her shoe, the cat and its fiddle and many more. The flowers were sweet, the displays were nice but the weather was rather unkind. We left the show feeling hot and sticky all over.

And the dish ran away with the spoon The old woman's shoe
The king's horses and men Pinocchio?

The Chingay

Mommie, Indogal and I were at the Chingay last night. It was a big parade and we sat by the roadside just like we did at Disneyland. I learnt that there are 2 meanings for the word "float" - the first being an inflated buoy which i can use for swimming and the second is an elaborately decorated lorry. My favourite float for the night must be the giant bubble machine which spat out lots and lots of bubbles!

When will the parade start? Drummer boys

Women in giant bubbles

Trishaw rides

Steamboat Gatherings

We are having a open house throughout the Chinese New Year for friends and relatives to congregate and enjoy some yummy steamboat together. For the record, we already had 4 of such steamboat parties with daddie and mommie's family, friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues! I think there will be more to come, considering how much my folks enjoy a scrumptious steamboat meal with good company :)


Kong Kong, Daddie, Mommie and I went swimming at the club today. The last time i set foot at a swimming pool was 3 months ago at Bintan! Naturally, i was estatic when my folks suggested the idea of a swim. When we got to the pool, it was drizzling slightly but the water was nice and warm. I love swimming at the club coz the pool is never crowded, i could cart along my big floats and water toys and at the end of the swim, i'm always served with my favourite hotdog at the poolside cafe. Ahh......what a luxury!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


My parents think that i'm too much of a "potato". So to "remind" me of my chinese roots, they dressed me up as a dim sum dolly for the new year and made me repeat chinese greetings over and over again like a broken record. BUT! there is one part of their "brainwashing mission" that i'm not complaining about - my folks are taking me on a holiday to Beijing where they hope to immense me in the chinese speaking culture and perhaps return to Singapore speaking in perfect mandarin coupled with distinctive chinese accent. Wishful thinking??

How do you like my dim sum dolly image?

Hakow, Siewmai or Me? 欢迎大地回春...

恭喜, 恭喜

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of The Pig

Last night at the reunion dinner at Tai-gong's house, i found out that there are many different kinds of pigs! There's the . . .

Roasted Yummy PigDaddie Greedy Pig

People born in the year of the Pig - Grand Uncle Cheong

AND.......... *drum roll*

The LAZY pig! - My Uncle Xiao Bao

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My First School Performance

The N2s put up a song performance at the New Year assembly yesterday. We sang a english Chinese New Year song and although we were uncoordinated and barely audible, the adults seemed to enjoyed it nevertheless! Catch a glimpse of our performance here!

As usual, after every school celebration, the Pearls will adjorn for our own private party. Miss Deena invited Mommie to share with the class on the traditions of Chinese New Year. So Mommie read a book on "Joey's First Chinese New Year" and brought pussy willows for my friends to decorate. We ended the party with a traditional "Lo Hei" where all my friends helped to toss the chinese salad.

To sum it up, the N2 Pearls had Good food, Good fun, Good company!

Getting the stage ready...

I did it! No stage fright!

Yishu, do you want somemore cookies?

Tossing the chinese salad.

Our very own reunion lunch Let's decorate the pussy willows
Annisa putting on the final touches The final product. Pussy willows decorated by N2 Pearls

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spring Cleaning, New Hero!

I was out supermarketing with Fatty Gramps yesterday when i saw my hero on the shelves... It was Mr Muscle! I love his TV commercial and was determined to lay my hands on him. Holding it tightly in my hands, i started complaining to Fatty Gramps about how dirty our kitchen is and how MR MUSCLE will come to our "rescue". Afterall, isn't this the season for springcleaning? Anyway, I was glad that I got Mr Muscle into the shopping cart coz i refused to take "NO" for an answer.

When Mommie came to pick us up, she asked why i was holding on to a bottle of detergent.. Here's an excerpt of the conversation

Mommie: Joey what is that you are holding in your hands?
ME: It's Mr Muscle!
Fatty Gramps: She insist that i must buy it for her!
ME: Our kitchen is VERY dirty.
Mommie: ok, ok... since you bought it, you must clean the kitchen floor with it then.
ME: NO! Not the kitchen floor. This is for Kitchen walls!

Since i like Mr Muscle so much, mommie thought I might enjoy the american version of the commerical, which she ripped off the net. Uh Mommie, I'm not impressed... that guy's a wimp!

Mr Muscle Original Commerical 1

Mr Muscle Original Commercial 2

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Qs and As

I'm sure alot of my little friends will attest to the fact that some adults enjoy asking us silly questions and use ridiculous threats whenever we don't see eye to eye on certain issues. Having gone through such "agonies" time and again, i've devised a set of answers to fob them off . My philosophy - stupid questions deserve stupid answers *wink*

Stupid Question: Joey, why are you doing this?! Do you want to be a dumb dumb?
Stupid Answer : Sure, I'll like to be a dumb dumb. (tip: the trick is to deliver this in perfect confidence and in a matter of fact. If you want to rub it in a little more, i suggest you add...) I want to be barbie doll, pretty and dumb dumb.

Stupid Threat : Joey, you better walk by yourself, otherwise I'll throw you into the bin!
Stupid Reponse: Haha! But the bin is too small! (tip: remember to check the size of the bin and cling on as tightly as you possibly can to whoever is carrying you)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year!

With the Lunar New Year just round the corner, here's an early greeting to everyone!