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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Love Tennis............ NOT!

Who needs foreign talent when I'm gonna be Singapore's answer to a Maria Sharapova!

Hmm... will feigning dead get me out of this sport?

Move aside Annika Sorenstam! Bet you can't play golf with a tennis racket like me!

Picking balls must be the funnest part of this game!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Movies and Plays

This school holiday, my cousins and I have a host of movies and plays all lined up. First up was Wizard of Oz. I can't say i enjoyed the show coz the storyline was kind of depressing at times and i really don't like watching scary scenes.

Then there was High School Muscial 3 which was alright but not fabulous. There were too many teenage scenes which mommie thought were not very suitable for kids my age.

Today, we met the cousins again to watch TLC's "The Tooth Fairy". This is one of their better productions with a really hilarious storyline. It was truly enjoyable and mommie considers this money well spent. Mommie says that from now on, she shall describe all visits to candy stores, a visit to the mountain of decay.

Tonight i will be watching Madagascar 2, one of my all time favourite cartoons! I'm so looking forward to it, the music is ringing in my ears!

Art Exhibition at Etonhouse

On 17 November, the school held an art exhibition displaying some of the works we did through the year. Our art pieces are being auctioned off and proceeds will go to our favourite charity.

My leaning tower of pisa went under the hammer at $10... now this beautiful piece of work (in my humble opinion) of mine, will go on display at the private art gallery of Mr and Mrs WS Khor :) *clap* *clap*

Theme of our exhibition "Eco Art - Turning Trash into Treasure"

Our artwork on display - bowls, wrapping paper, notebooks......

Landmarks of the world - Eiffel Tower (by Yishu), Learning tower of pisa (Joey) and the statue of liberty (Ernest)

3D model of Etonhouse Outram - by Joey, Ernest, Dylon, Kristy and Karan

Russian dolls made out of paper cups

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Letter to Miss Ann

Miss Ann has been asking me about my baby sister, so here's what i wrote to her.

A Family Potrait

This is a picture of my family. Please don't ask me why my daddie's hair is long and curly - it's just the way i like my daddie to be :)


Drew this picture of me and jamie today. How I wish mommie will allow us to keep our tresses long.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Sister is a blogger too!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! My little sister Jamie has found her own place in cyberspace. Visit her blog and get to know her better at

Can someone tell me, do we look like sisters?


Halloween is a day i look forward to every year. I love everything from pumpkins to parties. Every year at this time, i'll have a helleva good time trick-a-treating, painting pumpkins and dressing up as my favourite character. This year, daddie was too busy with Jamie to carve me a pumpkin - something which he has faithfully done every year. Nevertheless, i was "compensated" with a full day of halloween party fun!

The day started off with me dressing up as a fairy and participating in a class party. We decorated the classroom with loads of halloween related stuff, like spiders, pumpkins and even made our own bags for trick-a-treating. Then we went round the school collecting candies and chocolates.

In the evening, Auntie Christine organised a halloween party at her house for all the K1s and some N2s. Donned in glow in the dark accessories, we partied around the pool and had nice bbq stuff for dinner. The party didn't end till midnight when mommie declared, "Joey, it's midnight now, a new day has started and halloween is offically over this year".

Next year, Jamie will be 1 year old when halloween comes again. I've already decided to dress her up as a pumpkin!

My mommie dug this fairy outfit from a bargain bin at Mothercare.

My classmates all dressed up in halloween outfits

Goodies for our class party

Self made trick-a-treat bags

Decorations we made.

Check out my luminous earrings and mommie's glow in the dark glasses

The N2s were here to join in the fun too!