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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pirate Pudge

We went on a secret shopping mission for Daddie's birthday present today but we couldn't find anything suitable and gave up on our search for the perfect gift. So while waiting for Daddie to come pick us up, we decided to pay Toys'R'us a visit again. And hey, I found something! It's a photoframe which i could paint and personalise with a special message. Mommie was really pleased with me and said i could choose a toy as a reward. After looking round the whole of Toys'R'us, i decided on a toy sponge sword......

Back in the car, i started a conversation with Daddie and Mommie...

Me: Daddie, we bought you a birthday present!
Mommie: Joey! It's suppose to be a surprise. You should not have told Daddie about it.
(Daddie was grinning from ear to ear!)

Daddie: Joey are you pretending to be a pirate with that sword?
Me: No! I want to be a real pirate
Mommie: Are you sure?
Me: Sure! If you don't mind!

(There was a momentary silence in the car, then Daddie and Mommie burst out laughing)

Mommie: Joey, where did you learn that from?
Me: From Playhouse Disney Channel, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...

Hey, they seemed pleased with my answers... coz when i reached home, i asked if i could watch tv, Daddie and Mommie gave me a resounding "YES!"

Celebrating Children's Day

I celebrated my first children's day in 2 1/2 years. I never knew that there was a day which is just as special as a birthday. On this day, all the parents will gather to give us - the little ones - special treats and pamper us like princes and princesses!

Here are some fun facts and pictures of my 1st children's day party:-

What's in the goodie bag mommie packed - meiji yogurt biscuits, lollipop, mashmallows, apple juice, florida natural chewys, pencil case, bookmark and stickers

Table with the BIGGEST spread of food - Beetles. That's my class! Daddie contributed a carton of milo and chocolate buns.

Beetles' Favorite Beverage - Tough choice.. it's has to be either the Milo or the strawberry yogurt drink.

Beetles' Favourite food - Lollipops and Pretzels

Adults' Favourite food - Yakitori, compliments of Miu's mommie

New food - Japanese Beans.... it's fun to pop them out of their pod, and it's good to eat!

Food i couldn't finish but wanted to pack home - Popcorn

Number of Daddies who attended the party - 2 (Joel's daddie and my daddy dearest)

Funnest Moment - The magic show

Most touching Beetle moment - Miu's mum giving her farewell speech... and a big beetles' hug for Miu. Bye Miu... Hope you'll like Taiwan as much as Singapore.

Mommie packed pink goodie bags for the girls and blue ones for the boys in my class

Abracadabra..... A magic show

Didn't i tell you Milo was popular. All my friends can't wait to tear the carton open

Miu's mommie cutting a slice of cake for me.

I love lollies

Joel giving Miu a farewell hug.

There was more food than we could finish.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Views

Mommie asks: "Joey, where do Lions stay?"
My answer: "Animals like Lions should stay in a cage because they are dangerous!" Opps... i hear protests coming from wildlife conservation activists.

Daddie says: "Joey, Popo will pick you up from school today"
My answer: "Yes. Popo, Auntie Lena and Laipo will pick me up from school. You better work and find me some money."

Mommie believe my answers reflect the perils of modern societal influence.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Road to Recovery

We went on a family outing to Mount Faber with Uncle Mike's family today. Goodie.... i got to meet up and play with Kendra and Edythe again! We got a table next to a pond filled with Kois so while the adults were busy eating, we kept ourselves busy by feeding the fish. I reckoned that the fish here are not as greedy as the ones i saw at Kids Kampong. They neither rush to be fed nor jumped off the water for food.

I also had my first big meal since coming back from the hospital. I gorged myself with ice-cream, apple crumble and scones.. yummy! shhh... don't tell Ah Mak... she still think that i should be on liquid diet for another 2 more months!?

BUT, the highlight of the day was not the fish feeding or yummy food.. It was a cable car ride from the restaurant to sentosa and back! I remembered that the last time i went on a ride, i was only just over a year old (29 January 2005).

The ride was exhilarating... we screamed in joy each time the cable car leaves a station. We waved hello to all the passing cable cars, sang songs and pretended that we were sitting a little rocket just like one in little einstein. It was so fun that by the end of the ride, Edythe didn't want to leave the cable car... Auntie Rosie had to drag her out and boy that made Edythe really mad!

As for me, I sure had a blast of a time today!

It was fun feeding the fish Come fish, here's some food for you

Hey Kendra, shall we come for ride again next time?

Yay! We love to ride on a cable car

The ice-cream is lick'in good!

Hmm.. what shall i eat next?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Topsy Turvy Tummy

My tummy went spinning like washing machine last Tuesday night. It was a terrible feeling. Everything that i ate or drank, came out from both ends of me. I've never felt so sick before. On Wednesday morning, when daddie noticed that i looked really lertargic, he decided to send me to the hospital immediately.

At the hospital, the doctors gave me some really yummy grape juice and i drank 4 packets of them. Miraculously, i felt so much better after the drink and a nap. I didn't throw up anymore and my tummy wasn't hurting as badly as it did in the morning.

From then on, the hospital became my playground. I found 2 new playmates - Dora Jie Jie and Barney Jie jie. They are nurses from the hospital who kept me entertained throughout my stay. We played lots of imaginary games such as house visits, driving buses, walking the dog and working in a farm.

Here are some pictures of me taken during my hospital stay...

My guardian angel daddie watching over me

I took a picture of Ah Mak striking a pose...

That's Barney Jie Jie and me. She can sing barney songs too!

Barney Jiejie and Dora Jiejie playing with me. We are pretending to drive a bus

A Dora balloon to cheer me up!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Who Says We Shouldn't Play with Food?

I woke up this morning filled with anticipation. I've been waiting all week for Saturday to come coz Mommie has promised me a lesson on "Pancake Art". We are going to make some pancakes, cut them into different shapes and sizes, then gobble all up.

Mommie thinks this is fun and not wasteful coz i get to play with REAL food (i'm tired of plasticky toy food) and whatever is left can be fed to Daddie as breakfast. How perfect! Mmmm.. I think pancakes are such a delight. Not only are they nice to eat but they're fun to play with too!

First, you place the cookie cutter over the pancake Then, you press it real hard. I'll recommend using both hands to do this
There you have it! A pancake tree Dip it in yummy maple syrup. If you prefer it sweeter, try soaking it in syrup just like I did.
"Now you see it..... Now you Don't!"
A thumb's up in gd ole' Mighty Mouth fashion! Trust me. Pancakes are fun to play and nice to eat. Hey Mommie, shall we do it again?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Surrendering Playclub Membership

Today's my last lesson with the playclub. Mommie and Daddie feels that I'm too old for the class and honestly, I can see that too coz most of my classmates are way younger than me. I do feel a tinge of sadness when Sam handed me my playclub pass.... she said i wouldn't need it anymore and should pin it up on the wall for memory sake. Yes! I'll miss Sam and Yuan Yuan laoshi.. i've always looked forward to Saturdays because it's Julia Gabriel day!

Next term, i will still be attending Julia Gabriel, except that i'll be in the Stepping Stones programme which my folks say i'll fit in better. Sam's stepping stone class is full so i can't be part of her class. As a matter of fact, all the english stepping stone classes are filled. I've been enrolled in the chinese class instead and will wait another term for a vacancy in the english class.

Well, i guess i'll still see my favourite teachers around..... but it's a pity i won't be in their class though.

Circle Time. Lots of fun music and dance!

Giant Xylophone

Sam! My favourite English teacher

Yuan Yuan laoshi and Ling laoshi. I always enjoy their puppetry and drama

Sam drew this for me.

Artist at work.

Food for the end of term party

Daddy tries to attend all of the classes with me Having Fun!

Ingredients for sandwiches Popo helping to prepare sandwiches for the party

My classmates from studio 1 and 2 Daddy dressing up as a turtle. This shell was made by Sam herself.