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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Welcome to the War Zone!

Mommie had to go to school on Sunday and Indogal has gone out shopping with her friends. That leaves Daddie and Mighty Mouth spending the entire Sunday together.

Daddie and I were having a good time relaxing at home until Mommie came home from school and kicked up a commotion. Well apparently, she was shocked by the sight that "welcomed" her. She couldn't believe that:-

1) Daddie and I had turned into Couch Potatoes. Big TV for Senior, and a small TV for Junior.

2) We've turned the Osim Foot Massager into a bookshelf of sorts. Except that if I hit the right buttons, all the books will start vibrating! Cool!

3) The house looked like a warzone with toys strewn all over!

4) "What's this bucket of coins doing in the bathroom!?" - Daddie and I swore that the soundwaves from mommie's booming voice are as deadly as a nuclear bomb!

Do you think she'll believe us if we say we are only trying to create a rainbow in the bathroom and this is the pot of gold at the end of it?

Joey and the Beanstalk

Last Sunday, while rummaging through Tai Gong's fridge (thank goodness the adults weren't watching!), I found some beans that look just like those in the story "Jack and Beanstalk". I picked a handful of them and stuffed them in my pocket.

Back home, i persuaded mommie that these are no ordinary green beans... but magical ones which will grow right up to the sky and into the Giant's garden! Mommie didn't seem convinced but she helped me plant them on a little plastic tray anyway.

It's Day 3 now and my beanstalks have really grown (only, it didn't look anything like i had imagined). The beanstalks are long and skinny AND definately didn't reach the sky.

Hmmm... I wonder... could these be mini beanstalks? Or maybe I'm the Giant (afterall the cotton wool does look like clouds)? Ok.. i'll wait and see if Jack will climb up the beanstalk and into my world!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Potrait of My Mommie

Move over Leonardo Da Vinci. Here comes Mighty Mouth with a painting of my mommie to better your Mona Lisa!

Check out my mommie's small eyes, little bushy eyebrows, egg shaped body, stick-like limbs and... THE Curly Whirly SMILE!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Making of a Singapore Idol?

The folks in my household (especially that potbellied botak man whom my classmates call Joey's Daddie) have been complaining that I'm not making any effort to embrace the chinese language. They also can't figure out why I'm speaking Mandarin with a funny english accent! So, to prove that i can speak mandarin and sing even better, i belted out a chinese song i learnt in school with a title loosely translated to english as "Eyes, Nose, Knees and Leg". It's a pretty easy song because it's sung to the tune of London Bridge. I don't why, but whenever i reach the part on "knee and leg", they always burst out laughing...

Is there something wrong with my singing? Someone please enlighten me.

"眼睛、鼻子, 死翘翘, 死翘翘, 死翘翘 ... "

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Grand Uncle Kiat

It was supposed to be a "SURPRISE" birthday party for Grand uncle Kiat but, dear Ah Kong let the cat out of the bag and told Grand Uncle Kiat all that "the organising committee" has planned for him. Now we know who we can't tell secrets to.

Yours truly became an incidental member of the Organising Committee when Daddie and Mommie couldn't agree on what cake to get for the party. Daddie wanted his usual chocolate banana while mummy wanted anything BUT that. She's tired of eating the same cake for every birthday celebratiion. Since they were undecided and time was running out, i decided to give my 2 cents worth and interrupted them with "I like Blueberries". So that was it! Problem solved... I picked out a big blackforest cake filled with loads of juicy berries from Secret Recipe. Yummy!

Although the surprise element was no longer there (all thanks to an over zealous Ah Kong), all of us had a great time nevertheless. I think the highlight of the night must be Daddie's funny chicken dance which he suggested to cousin Nikkolette if she wanted more servings of chicken hearts.

Happy TriosShe's my ah mahHappy birthday to yoouuuuuuuu!
Granduncle and Grandniece (That's me!)Daddie and Me doing the chicken dance

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mighty Mouth Speaks

Busy busy... everyday's been busy since we returned from holidays. I went back to school on friday and was happy to see my friends again. In my 3 weeks of absense, i've missed so much - there was the class photo taking, visit to underwater world and the practice sessions for sports day. Yes! Sports day. They have been training to crawl though tunnels and walk on balancing beams. Pity Yoshiki practised hard but couldn't participate. I hear that he has fractured his legs and is now recuperating in Japan. Get well soon, Yoshiki, Beetles miss you!

I overheard mommie telling daddie that perhaps i should stop Julia Gabriel lessons since i've already settled into full day school. Hmm.. i didn't quite like this idea. I'm having fun and am not prepared to stop. So when mommie asked for my preference, i gave her my honest answer. Sorry about your pockets, daddie and mommie.. but it's 2 schools for now!

Mommie: Joey, do you prefer Julia Gabriel or Eton House?
Me! : I prefer Julia Gabriel
Mommie: Then shall we stop Eton House?
Me:!: I like Julia Gabriel... (long pause) and Eton house. I like them both!

Pictures from the 2 schools

Sports Day at Eton House - It's called the Fishing Game

My classroom at Eton House - Putting up a poster on "My Family". See the little girl sitting down? She's my best friend from Taiwan - Kristy.

Julia Gabriel - Can i take a picture of you with this huge antique camera?

Julia Gabriel - Swimming! Love more of these activities.