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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Zoo Outing with the Beetles

Each term, Miss Deena would organised an excursion for the Beetles. So far, we've been to the underwater world, a big playground and a crocodile farm. For this term, after much discussion with the parents, she decided on a Zoo trip! I was exhilirated because the Zoo's my favourite place. Next year, our class will be renamed N2 Pearls, so essentially this will be the "last" outing for beetles. Here're a selection of pictures to remember the "beetles" by. More photos here

Beetles eagarly waiting for the tram

All Aboard...

Maya and Me at the Elephant show

Bruce, Me and Maya. We were observing the zoo keeper feed the monkeys

Raphael is the tallest and biggest of the lot.

Waiting to draw lots for the x'mas presents. Yi Shu and Yoshiki at the playground
The gift i drew from the lot Yoshiki is very pleased with what he got.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I Want More Control Over My Life

I've never really enjoyed going to Ah Mak's house coz it's boring. There are no toys and Ah Mak doesn't allow me to play with my favourite playdough. Don't ask me why, but she'll throw the playdough away if i'm caught playing with them.

Today, Ah Mak came and insisted that i go over to her house again. I showed my greatest displeasure by crying buckets and kicking up a big big fuss. But alas, my small little frame was no match for Ah Mak. I was bundled into her car, screaming and crying.... No one came to my rescue. I never felt so helpless.

Back at Ah Mak's house, Cousin Nikkolette found me frantically punching numbers on Ah Mak's home phone and reckoned that I was probably trying to call Mommie and Daddie for rescue. She took pity of me and helped to make a call to my Mommie. I was so glad to hear Mommie's voice.... she promised to pick me up as soon as she finishes work.

On our way home, Daddie made me this offer : "Joey, Daddie will teach you how to use the phone, so you can call us anytime you want"

My response was a short and curt and very desperate "No!". Then, i added "I want you to teach me how to drive home from Ah Mak's house !! "

Daddie, Mommie, you've heard my wishes loud and clear. I rest my case.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ginger, Ginger, Gingerbread man....

The day has finally arrived. After 6 months of waiting, it was time to enjoy the play "The Gingerbread Man". This is the second play I've attended. The first was "The Selfish Giant" which i thoroughly enjoyed.

I was estactic the moment i stepped into the threatre. The props were awesome! I loved the giant teapots, cups, plates, spoons, vegetables..... reminded me of those i saw at Disneyland. Wished i could jump onto the stage and play hide and seek.

As for the play, it was great fun! I was a member of the audience who helped Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper trap the sneaky mouse in the teacup and shoo'ed it away from the kitchen dresser.

I really enjoy watching plays and am learning to appreciate them more. Next up on my "playlist" - "I Think I Can" on Feb 3.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lots of Photos

Hey! My cousin Nikkolette did this collage of photos for me. Thanks, Nikko 姐姐 ! Click on them if you want to see them bigger.

I'm the centerfold girl!

The Khors
(and a couple of Wees)

We are Family!

Just the 3 of us!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Prelude to a Birthday

I am 2 now

going on 3

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me..... UH!! Wait a minute! But it's not my birthday till 30 Dec.... so what's all these hoola baloo about? Ah ha! It's a practice session for my real birthday in about 6 weeks time. See, I've been really excited about my party and asked if i could have a birthday cake today... But I didn't want just any other birthday cake... I wanted only a chocolate one! And so, my ever so doting Daddie was determined to brave the horrendous friday traffic to get me just what i wanted. He even bought me a dress as a pretend birthday gift so as to create a more realistic birthday atmosphere.

I practiced singing the birthday song to myself, blowing out the candles and cutting the cake into some unrecognisable shape. Lo and Behold.... Daddie realised that i've not mastered the art of blowing out the candle.. I huffed and i puffed but the air kept coming up my hair instead of towards the flame. I think i need more practice....

This practice birthday aside, today is really someone else's birthday. We have a new family member... she's my little auntie Reine! Welcome to this whole new world Auntie Reine! If you need help understanding the grown ups, I'll be able to offer you sound advice.. afterall, i'm a veteran in this "business"!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shoo Moon Shoo!

Something strange happened today. When we were on our way home from Tai Gong's house, I looked out of the window and found the moon following us! I told mommie to drive as quickly as she could and perhaps the moon wouldn't be able to catch up with us. But i was so wrong! When the car stopped, the moon stopped. When the car moved, it moved along with us too. Nothing we do could shake the Moon off. It was keeping pace with us. So as a last resort, i had to be nasty to the moon and screamed "Shoo Shoo... don't follow us anymore! Shoo go away Moon!"

I think it worked because when we made a turn into our estate, the moon disappeared behind the trees and tall buildings. Phew! I wouldn't know what to tell Daddie if I really brought the moon home!

My First DVD Review

Title: Little Einstein DVD

Start the countdown... The mission of Little Einsteins is to take preschoolers (like me!) on exciting musical adventures set in the real world (and inside a few great pieces or art!).

On each adventure, we will help the Little Einsteins team solve an important mission, meet new friends, visit interesting destinations, learn about and make music, and laugh along the way.

What I Love about this DVD:
I enjoy patting on my laps, lift my hands up as high as i can, and help rocket.. BLAST OFF! I feel like a part of the team, helping June, Annie, Quincy and Leo complete their missions.

We have to say "Mission Completion!"

What Mommie Loves about this DVD:
It's educational and makes learning so much fun. Besides, the show keeps me occupied for hours so she and daddie could doze off to dreamland.

Ratings: 5 heads up!

Where to buy:

Where else can you get to watch it:
On Playhouse Disney Channel 34 at 10.30am every Sat and Sun. Or you can loan it from me! I'll be happy to share.

Level of addictiveness:
Fasten your seatbelt and prepare to be glued to the TV screen!

Annisa's Birthday Party

Everyone in my class have been really excited! Annisa is having a special birthday party outside school. The Beetles have been bugging (no pun intended) Miss Deena to tell us more about the party all week! We love parties.... the more, the merrier.

Mommie and Daddie knew how much i love parties, so they've decided that it was ok for me to skip my Julia Gabriel lesson just so that i could attend Annisa's party.

If you haven't noticed, the word "Routine" have no place in my household. We like to do things and go places according to our mood. We believe in having mindless "FUN"! AND.... FUN was exactly what i had at the party..

Here are some highlights:-

Let's all blow out the candles togheter!

Pretending to be gingerbread man....

to be rolled over by a GIANT rolling pin!

3 cheers for beetles! (missing from the picture are Bruce and Yishu)

Seeing how much fun the Beetles had, Daddie and Mommie have decided that i will should have a birthday party just like this in December. We've decided on the location... all we need to do now is to book it and send out the invitations. I'm sure the beetles will be thrilled to have another party! Whoopee.... I'm so looking forward to December 30!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My World of Play Pretend and Imagination

I'm turning 3 soon but in the eyes of the adults, i'm still only a baby! Physically, I'm confined to the things the adults want me to do or places they take me to. BUT! I found out that there was one thing i have total control over and the adults didn't ... It's MY IMAGINATION! In my world of make believe I found absolute FREEDOM. I could pretend to be anything and anyone i want. Sometimes, i'll try to draw them into my imaginary world too....

ACT 1 - Joey, The Great Pretender

Scene 1 - At Vivo City
Grandma: Joey do you enjoy shopping?
Me: *Cough* *Cough*
Grandma: Are you ok?
Me: *Cough* *Cough*
Grandma: Oh No.. i better send you home, you are coughing quite badly.

Scene 2 - Back home
Mommie: Joey are you alright? Ah Mah told me that your cough is bad
Me: *grinning* I was pretending!

ACT 2 - You Can Imagine Too

Scene - At the playground

Daddie: Joey, let's go home, Daddie needs to pee
Me: Ok, let me drive you home (pretend to steer an imaginary car)
Daddie: Joey, can we go home now?
Me: No. Can you pee here?
Daddie: No, Daddie is not a baby, I'm not wearing diapers
Me: But, you can pretend to be a baby!

ACT 3 - The Handsome Prince

Scene - At home

Mommie: Joey do you have a boyfriend?
Joey: I'm not Joey, I'm Princess Erica and Prince Dominic is my boyfriend!

My First Halloween Party

We had a little halloween celebration in school. All of us came dressed in fancy costumes. Maya, Yishu and Kaede pretended to be witches (Kaede costume's even came with a broomstick!), Kristy was dolled up like a ladybug, Raphael was superman while Yoshiki wore a wizard's cloak AND..... your's truly was dressed up as a ballerina fairy!

Mommie finally succeeded in balloon twisting! All the girls in my class got a stalk of flower while the boys received a sword each. Mommie even made enough for some of the kids in the other class. They were delighted!

We had activities galore. Mommie taught us how to make itsy bitsy spiders and Daddie showed my friends the art of carving a happy face from a little pumpkin. Although we were not allowed to partake in the carving process, we were content with painting them!

Just when our little tummies were starting to rumble, Mommie and daddie brought out trays of yummy food. We had animal cupcakes (which i destroyed when i overturned the box), assorted fruits, mashmallows, yogurt, mash potatoes and fruit juice. The mashmallows were a hit with all my friends....

Daddie and Mommie ended the party in a sweet note (literally)! All of us queued up in a line with our little pumpkin pots and Daddie filled them with loads of chocolaty treats from a large smiling pumpkin.

I enjoyed myself tremendously... and from the faces of my friends, i'm sure they felt the same way too!

More pictures here!