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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8 and a Dog

Watching Jon and Kate plus 8 has become a regular weekend morning activity for me and mom

In today's episode, it was about the family getting a pair of puppies for Xmas. This is exactly what we'll do too when we move to our new house.

They were showing the family choosing dogs and deciding between german sheperds and another breed. Mommie who is interested in getting a German sheperd complained that the cameras were just showing the kids and not the dogs. So I had to remind her that "this is a show about the kids not the dogs. Of course you see the kids more than the dogs!"

we also had a discussion on the number of dogs we should get. Our discussion was going no where coz mommie insisted on 1 and I wanted 2 or more. I decided that I'll give in and agree to one but came up with a brilliant idea "I'll let the dog get lost and come back with a wife and baby. Then I'll have 3 dogs!"

The score:-
Joey 1 vs Mommie 0