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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Line Up of Events

Hey friends, I've got a line up of events from now till december. Anyone cares to join me? Please ask your mommie or daddie to call my mommie if you are interested.

Tick and Tock
This is a 40 min show featuring 2 lovable characters Tick and Tock, and their GIANT sponge props. They will tell us stories through these props, song and dance.

Date: 30 Sep (Sunday)
Time: 2pm
Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio
Tickets at: $20
Performance by: Act 3
What you need to bring: Your own cushions, mats, whatever... coz we will be sitting on the floor

Swan Lake - A peek into Pas de deux

This is a ballet performance about a young prince siegfried, who falls in love with swan queen odette, a beautiful princess who has been transfored into a bird by an evil sourcer.

Date: 1 Oct (Mon)
Time: 4pm
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall
Tickets at: $10
Performance by: Singapore Dance Theatre
What you need to wear: Dress up like a prince or princess or come in your ballet attire, complete with a tutu! Woohoo! this is gonna be fun!


This is a christmas production about Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean-spirited old miser who holds no love for anyone or anything but his obsession with accumulating wealth. Then one night before Christmas, Scrooge's life changes forever when he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Date: 25 Nov (Sun)
Time: 3 pm
Venue: DBS Art Centre
Tickets at: $25
Performance by: The Little Company
What you need to bring: Nothing! But don't forget the christmas spirit! Tis' a season to be jolly... Fa la la la la... la la.. la.. laaaaa

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

With a cast of over 70, including 10 dogs, sensational sets and stunning special effects this action-packed musical adventure is the story of the magical flying car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is an action packed musical which will appeal to musical lovers and families everywhere.

Date: 2 - 18 Nov
Time: 2 or 8 pm
Venue: Esplande Threatre
Tickets at: $140
Performance by: The creators of the legendary ‘Bond 007’
Remarks: Whether i get the tickets to this show will pretty much depend on my behaviour at "The King and I". Well, i don't coz it's going to be my 1st experience watching a full scale threatre production. We'll see how it goes tomorrow......

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tikus = 小老鼠 = Ratatouille

Finally, a cartoon movie which is full of wholesome family goodness. The storyline is fairly simple for us kids to understand and appreciate, while parents will drool over the food and wine! For a foodie like Daddie, he can certainly agree with the director's choice of wine - a 61 Château Latour. Daddie claims that they've even got the bottle label correct, just like the real one! For mommie, all she wants is for someone to make her a reservation at Gusteau's (if only it exist)! As for me, i think it'll be nice to have some Ratatouille toys for christmas :)

Be warned! The movie "Ratatouille" will make your tummy rumble.

Hawker Fare

Yay! I survived my 1st hawker experience

Whatever hawker fare i've had, it has always been consumed in aircon comfort - either in daddie's office or at home. And yesterday, I've had my first hand experience of eating hawker food at a hawker centre.

And oh boy! It was really hot and ..... dirty! By the time we found a seat, I've almost lost all my appetite. It took daddie, mommie and fatty gramps more than 30mins to cagole me into trying the bak kut teh. True to mommie's analogy - "东西不脏,不好吃!", the soup was really quite tasty and i walloped 3 pieces of the yummy pork ribs. Haizz.. for the sake of food, i guess i won't mind eating out at a hawker centre again... but the environment really leaves a lot to be desired.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Art Attack

Of late, i've taken a special interest in art and craft - mostly drawing. Hoping to develop my interest further, mommie and daddie took me on a shopping trip for art supplies. Mommie also brought home a huge roll of brown paper which i can doodle lavishly ("no need to save paper", she says). Though I don't think that my gift is in drawing (you should see the artwork of some of my schoolmates!), but i'll continue drawing and doodling just for the fun of it :)

Here are some of my recent work of art.

My family tree New additional art supplies

my self potrait

The flowers i saw in Hokkaido (this is mommie's favourite piece)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Save 'em!

Mayday! Mayday!! My Daddie is holding my pets hostage! Each time i defy his instructions, he'll threaten to throw one of them away :(

Yesterday, he was trying to force food down my throat. When i kept the food in my cheeks - i learnt this from the hamsters in my school - he'll order mommie to bring out one of my pets (poor woofy) and threaten to throw him down the rubbish chute without a parachute! This drove me into desperation to save my precious pet and i quickly chomped on my food and swallowed it!

From now on, i shall ban daddie from watching too much news... he's using terrorist methods to terrorize my poor fluffy pets.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My First Purchase

Caught on Uncle 大宝's "spycam" - Me making my 1st purchase at Kinokuniya yesterday. Hmm.. It sure feels good to be a customer!

Here's me queuing in line at the cashier.

Hmm.. what's taking the lady in front so long?

Getting my change and card back.

So wanna know what's in my bag?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Outwit, Outlast, Outplay

Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.. In my opinion, these are essential survivor skills that every kid must posses. Let me give you a scenario of how such skills will come in real handy...

I was home with Fatty Gramps and we both wanted to watch our own shows. She wanted to watch her Korean drama (i think it's boring) while i insisted on watching my diego DVDs (she thinks it's boring)

To fob me off, she brought out my Kelly book and read a page on Pajamas Time. She said,"Ok Joey, you must sleep now. Like kelly, a good girl."

I quickly opened a flap which showed sunshine and told Fatty Gramps,"No! It's not time to sleep yet. See the sun? It's morning!"

Fatty gramps immediately launched a "counter-attack" by opening another flap which showed a crescent moon and stars, and she said,"Joey, you are wrong. Look, i can see the moon and stars. So it's night time. Now, go to sleep"

To which i replied, "No... this is not night time.. This is the.... SINGAPORE FLAG!"

Yay! I won and so i got to watch my DVD. To make Fatty Gramps feel better, i offered to let her have her turn after i finished my DVD.

Outlast and Outplay

After 1 run of the DVD, i begged for another round, and then another... by the time i had enough and wanted to let Fatty Gramps have her turn to watch her DVDs, she was already fast asleep!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

National Pride, Camaraderie and Sportsmanship

Today's a day for celebration - it's our National Day. No prize for guessing, YES! the school was a sea of red and white. Everyone was decked out in these colours as a show of patriotism. Coincidentally, the japanese flag is also red and white, and with 80% of my school population being Japanese, they probably love these 2 colours (though technically speaking, white is not a colour) as much as us Singaporeans do.

There was one thing which bothered mommie though. It was when the school asked everyone to sing "We are Singapore, Singaporeans..... Singapore our homeland, bla bla bla.." She wondered how majority of my schoolmates' parents would feel about their kids making such declarations through the song. It must have been rather uncomfortable and awkward for some of them.

Oh well, let's get back to my topic and not let mommie's thoughts cloud my blog entry. Ok. After the celebration, we proceeded to the playground for our Annual Sports Day. It was the event i've been waiting (and training) for. Mommie was there to cheer for me along with other parents and all my friends. Events like these really brings the class and the parents closer. Hmm...I wished mommie had brought along our pom poms though!

We went on an obstacle course, a tricycle race, and finally a egg and spoon relay. It was all in the name of camaraderie, fun and sportsmanship. By the end of the sports day, everyone went home a champion!

Pearls getting ready for our Sports Day.

Let the race begin!

Pedals away! Ernest is leading but i'm not too far behind.

I'm hot on his heels Zooming down the slide

And, dash to the next station
I got to hop the hoops like a bunny and toss the rings onto the cones.
Balance the egg, make sure it doesn't drop Finally, cycle back as fast as i can!

Fabulous Hokkaido (cont'd)

I promised more pictures of my fabulous holiday right? So here they are, a compilation of pics with captions to tell you all about my trip. Wish you were there!

Visit to Night Safari

Daddie, Mommie and I visited the night safari last Saturday. It was the first time i've been to a night zoo. After the visit, I think i still prefer the zoo in daylight coz I can see the animals better and clearer.

Thankfully, the night was breezy and the queues weren't too long. We got onto the tram after waiting just 15 mins. The tram ride was pretty enjoyable coz some animals came really close to the our tram.

Observing the surroundings of the night safari and the throngs of tourists at the entrance,

Mommie commented: "Look at the number of tourists. This place sure don't feel like Singapore...."
Daddie:"Then where does it feel like?"
Before mommie could continue, i answered:"It feels like the Zoo!"

(Afternote: Mommie's intended answer was "It feels like overseas!")

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fabulous Hokkaido

Poor Mommie.. she's going through a period of brain drain. Her psychological clock has gone cuckoo since we came back from Hokkaido. She wakes up as early as 5am (japan time 6am) and loses her battle with the Zzzz Monster by 9.30, latest 10pm everyday. Think age (and size) must be catching up with her.

As a result of this brain drain (she hopes it's temporary *pray*), there will be no commentary on our fabulous hokkaido trip for this post. But, she will leave you with our fond memories, captured through her swanky new lens. Do come back again for more updates on our trip soon..... Zzzzzzzz......